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Manufacturing process of chip laminated inductor

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-05-13 08:39:12

With the different types of substrates used in chip multilayer inductors, the titles are also different. For example, those using alumina ceramic substrates are called chip-type ceramic multilayer inductors; those using ferrite substrates are called chip-type ferrite multilayer inductors.

Chip multilayer inductors used at low frequencies, some use thin alumina substrates, and some use thin ferrite substrates; chip multilayer inductors used at high frequencies can only use thin oxide Aluminum plate.

Next, use the method of screen printing base metal copper paste or precious metal silver paste to form the internal spiral conductor of the chip multilayer inductor on the green alumina substrate or the green ferrite substrate. The inner spiral conductor is connected to the connecting line of the outer electrode of the substrate terminal.

Except for the first layer and the bottom layer, only a part of the coil is printed on the substrate of each layer, the size is about 1/2 of a circle, which is slightly stronger; and these internal substrates are also opened with through holes to facilitate the stacking The upper and lower layers can be connected to form a continuous loop.

The coil pattern of the chip laminated inductor used under high frequency needs to be made very fine, and the slightest positional deviation and size deviation can not be produced during printing.

Then, the cut into pieces of aluminum oxide or ferrite substrates printed with partial coil patterns are alternately stacked to make the coils like real-coiled coils, and then protect the surface. Film and firing.

Finally, external electrodes are formed on the side of the laminated cube corresponding to the lead-out ends, and electroplated, and then printed and checked, the fabrication of the chip laminated inductor is completed.

In addition, there is a chip laminated high frequency magnetic bead used to eliminate high frequency noise, which is also a kind of chip ferrite laminated inductor. SMD laminated high-frequency magnetic beads correspond to different high-frequency noises according to their inductance. In order to increase the loss of these high-frequency noises, ferrite is used for the substrate instead of alumina ceramics.

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