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The development of triode

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-04-28 08:14:52

On December 23, 1947, three scientists from Bell Labs in the United States—Dr. Barding, Broughton Botu, and Dr. Shaoke Cai, invented an epoch-making achievement in the history of science and technology—the transistor. Because it was invented on Christmas Eve and has such a huge impact on people's future lives, it is called a "Christmas gift for the world." The three scientists won the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics.

   The role of the triode is very large, it can be said that without the invention of the triode, there would be no such diversification of the modern information society. The basic component of today's large-scale integrated circuits is the transistor. The electronic circuit "does nothing" without the triode, and many components in the circuit serve the triode.

  The triode is a control device, it is also the core device of the electronic circuit, can be used to amplify weak signals or as a contactless switch. It has a series of unique advantages such as firm structure, long life, small size and low power consumption, so it is widely used in various fields.

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