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Common sense sharing of electronic components: Will tantalum capacitors short-circuit the positive and negative poles?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-09-16 17:47:30

The choice of chip capacitors should not only pay attention to brand and quality, but also pay attention to whether it meets actual needs. Only by meeting the requirements of actual equipment or circuits can its performance be ensured. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the correct use of different capacitors to ensure their service life. Take tantalum capacitors as an example. Such capacitors should not only pay attention to selection, but also pay attention to the correctness of installation and use. In recent days, many people have asked if the positive and negative poles of tantalum capacitors will be short-circuited. Next, the editor will analyze this problem.

Will the positive and negative poles of a tantalum capacitor be short-circuited?

Capacitors also have a certain withstand voltage. When connected correctly, the capacitors can store charges and work well. However, for some polarized tantalum capacitors, the positive connection can store charges, but when the reverse connection is It can't at all, or even conduction or other changes, including chemical reactions.

  For example: The system uses a digital power supply that can display voltage and current and limit current. Suppose that a few seconds after power-on, the power supply voltage is normal, and then the power supply suddenly drops and the current increases (the current situation is not very sure, because the power is cut off because it is not good). After confirming that the power supply current limit is 1A, it is suspected that the power supply is insufficient, and then the current limit is changed to the maximum. This time the power is turned on, the voltage drops after a few seconds, and the result is that a capacitor exploded before the power was turned off. . Very strange, I didn't pay attention to anything at the time, thinking that the quality of the capacitor was not good enough. Measure the power status on the circuit board immediately after power off, and found that +5V is shorted to ground, which is very strange. I waited for a while to measure again, but it didn't short circuit. Since I couldn't find the reason, I had to check carefully. It turned out that the capacitor was placed upside down, and the schematic diagram was upside down. As a result, when soldering, it was just soldering according to the silk screen, so this problem occurred. Correct it after confirming that it is a capacitor problem, and everything is normal.

   Will the positive and negative poles of tantalum capacitors be short-circuited? The answer is yes, and it will not only cause a short circuit, but even an explosion. Therefore, before using and installing tantalum capacitors, you must carefully judge the positive and negative poles. Accurate judgment of the positive and negative poles can avoid unnecessary danger and loss.