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What are the differences between chip capacitors in different packages?

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SMD capacitors can be divided into two types: non-polarity and polarized. They have the same places and different places. The same is the same in principle, because they both store charge and release charge; let's explain in detail why they are different.

The difference of the medium: the medium is the substance between the two plates of the capacitor. Most of the polar capacitors use electrolyte as the dielectric material. Generally, the capacity of the polar capacitor of the same volume will be larger. In addition, polar capacitors manufactured by different electrolyte materials and processes will have different capacities even with the same volume. In addition, there is a close relationship between withstand voltage and the use of dielectric materials. There are many dielectric materials for non-polar capacitors, most of which use metal oxide film, polyester, etc. Due to the reversible or irreversible properties of the dielectric, the use of polar and non-polar capacitors is determined environment.

The difference in performance: performance is the requirement of use. If the power supply part of the TV uses metal oxide film capacitors for filtering, and to achieve the required capacitance and voltage resistance of the filtering, I am afraid that only one power supply can be installed in the cabinet. Therefore, only polar capacitors can be used as filters, and polar capacitors are irreversible. That is to say, the positive pole must be connected to the high potential end, and the negative pole must be connected to the low potential end.


The difference in capacity: The difference in capacity has been mentioned above, and the capacity of the capacitor of the same volume will be different.

The difference in structure: As long as the capacitor is of any shape required by the use environment without considering the discharge. Commonly used polar capacitors are circular, and there are many shapes of non-polar capacitors, such as tube, chip, square, round, combined square, and so on.

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