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In-vehicle protection diodes shine with ESD clamping

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The new surface mount part type marking PESDxIVN is a direct replacement for traditional equipment and is available in the familiar SOT23, SOD323 and SOT323 packages. However, new parts can provide higher performance. For example, the PESD2IVN24-T component can provide 30 kV ESD robustness (up from 23 kV on the traditional PESD1CAN), improved 3.5 A surge current and better 42 A clamping at 3.5 A (under 3 A) Is 70 V). Other parameters remain unchanged or slightly better. Compared with the traditional PESD1LIN, PESD1IVN27-A has the same improvement in ESD robustness, and the clamping voltage is lower (better).

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