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M7 large chip SMD rectifier diode

M7 large chip SMD rectifier diode

Series: 2CZ4004, 2CZ4005, 2CZ4007, 2CZ4006……
Package: DO-214, SOD-123, SOD-323……
Voltage: 400V, 600V, 1000V, 800V

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Product Details

Diode details

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M7 large chip patch rectifier diode

Product parameter

Model: IN4001—IN4007 SS12 SS14 SS16 SS24 SS26 SS34 SS36 SS54 SS110 SS210 SS310 SS320 SS510 etc.

Package: SMA (DO-214AC), SMB (DO-214AA), SMC (DO-214AB)

Voltage: 400V, 600V, 1000V, 800V


★ Fast switching, low leakage;

★ High current capability and low forward voltage drop;

★ High surge capacity, surge overload rating to 30A peak value;

★ Low reverse leakage current, high reliability;

★ Comply with ROHS directive requirements.

Diode anatomy

▲   Physical anatomy diagram

Applicable industry

Suitable for LED lighting related products, power products, household appliances, computer side office products, large industrial equipment controllers, network equipment, communication products, digital products, automotive electronics, security monitoring systems and other fields.

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