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SMD diode, MOS transistor and other transistor

SMD diode, MOS transistor and other transistor

SMD diode include:

rectifier diode, Schottky diode, light-emitting diode, Zener diode, switching diode, transient suppression diode, fast recovery diode, power diode, M7 diode, PNP diode, NPN diode products, etc.;

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Physically speaking, the scope of transistors is very large. It is a solid semiconductor device with multiple functions such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage regulation, and signal modulation. Pingshang Technology's main SMD transistor series, the main categories are: SMD diodes, SMD transistors, field effect transistors and MOS transistors. Free samples, provided for life!

The transistor specifications in our inventory are complete:


SMD diodes include:

Rectifier diodes, Schottky diodes, light emitting diodes, Zener diodes, switching diodes, transient suppression diodes, fast recovery diodes, power diodes, M7 diodes, PNP diodes, NPN diode products, etc.;

The patch transistor includes:

Switching transistors, PNP transistors, NPN transistors, amplifying transistors, high-power transistors, 9013 transistors, 8050 transistors, photosensitive transistors, field effect transistors, 8550 transistors, high frequency transistors, voltage regulator transistors and other products;

As well as conventional models of field effect tubes and MOS tubes are available in stock.

The main functions of our transistors include:


1. Rectification

2. Detection

3. Voltage regulation

4. Electronic switch

5. Voltage and current amplification

6. Oscillation

7. Impedance transformation

8. As a variable resistor

9. Constant current

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