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SMD diodes, professional packaged diodes, light-emitting diodes

SMD diodes, professional packaged diodes, light-emitting diodes

Professional SMD electronic components supplier-Pingshang Technology supplies many types of SMD diodes, the more conventional ones are SMD rectifier diodes, SMD Zener diodes, SMD switching diodes, SMD Schottky diodes, SMDs Light-emitting diodes, etc., become Pingshang customers, Pingshang will provide you with a professional guidance service center, allowing you to enjoy VIP services!

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Product Details

Product parameter



0402, 0603, 0805, 1206


Red, yellow, blue, green (general green and emerald green), white, two-color (two colors)


★ Fast switching, low leakage;

★ High current capability and low forward voltage drop;

★ High surge capacity, surge overload rating to 30A peak value;

★ Low reverse leakage current, high reliability;

★ Comply with ROHS directive requirements.

Diode anatomy

▲   Physical anatomy diagram

Applicable industry

Suitable for LED lighting related products, power supply products, household appliances, computer side office products, large industrial equipment controllers, network equipment, communication products, digital products, automotive electronics, security monitoring systems and other fields.

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