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Sulphur-resistant thick film resistors for automotive

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Bourns announced a series of sulfur-resistant thick film resistors that meet the AEC-Q200 standard.

The CRxxxxA-AS chip resistor series offers eight different packages from 0201 (0603 metric) to 2512 (6432 metric), with a rated power of 50mW to 1W and a resistance range of 1Ω to 20MΩ.

The company said: "These resistors designed by Bonn can operate in certain harsh environments with high levels of sulfur contamination." "They are manufactured using thick film elements printed on ceramic substrates and are based on ASTM B809-95. The method was tested, which measures the porosity of metal coatings exposed to wet sulfur vapor."

These resistors are RoHS compliant and halogen-free-Bourns considers the product to be halogen-free if the following conditions are met: the bromine content is 900 ppm or less, the chlorine content is 900 ppm or less, and the total bromine and chlorine content is 1500 ppm or less .

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