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Automotive regulators handle 60V inputs

tagscapacitor resistor and inductor

Diodes uses a simple emitter follower design to create a linear regulator with a maximum input voltage of 60V in the automotive environment.




Designed to provide up to 15mA of 5V, 8V or 12V regulated output from 12V or 24V nominal battery power respectively.

The company said: "These devices can withstand battery voltage spikes up to 60V, making it possible for those applications where standard linear regulators cannot be used." "The 60V maximum input rating of all these regulators can ensure transient overvoltage Under the circumstances, there is sufficient margin, and their line and load regulation ensure continuous operation by ensuring that transient voltage drops do not cause latch-up."

These parts meet the AEC-Q101 standard, have high reliability, and have a product part approval program (PPAP).

Transistors, Zener diodes and resistors are monolithically integrated in the SOT23 package.

ZXTR2105FQ is suitable for applications that require a 12V battery to provide 5V±5% regulated power supply, such as 4.7V to 5.3V MCU power supply.

ZXTR2112FQ is suitable for cars and trucks that have 24V batteries but require 12V±10% power for applications such as Vcc power for gate driver ICs.

Figure warning

Line regulation rate ΔVout = Vout – Vout

Load stability ΔVout = Vout – Vout


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