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Due to violations of Michigan's COVID-19 health regulations, three other restaurants have suspended their liquor licenses.

Three more restaurants in Michigan have been suspended for violating state health regulations-including two restaurants accused of serving guests indoors and one restaurant that allegedly ignored outdoor dining restrictions.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission announced an emergency shutdown of restaurants in Mount Pleasant, Plymouth and Bitely on Tuesday, January 19.

All three must attend a virtual hearing with an administrative law judge, who will decide whether to issue a fine and possibly extend the suspension of alcohol licenses. So far, the suspension period has been 7 to 90 days.

The meal ban in Michigan began on November 18 and was extended to January 31. Restaurants are not allowed to provide food or alcohol consumption in the store, cannot hold parties, and must wear masks.

For any alcoholic restaurant that violates health regulations, citizens can complain to MLCC. Call 866-893-2121 or


So far, since September, 37 companies have suspended alcohol licenses for violating COVID-19 health regulations.

This is the latest business to revoke the liquor license. Click on the business name to read the full report.

Location: Yuyue Peak

The anonymous complaint prompted MLCC investigators to check out after 3 pm on January 8.

Investigators saw multiple cars in the parking lot, but no one in the outdoor service area-Michigan restaurants currently only allow eating and drinking. Investigators said there were about 12 people sitting at bars and tables inside.

Investigators said no one was wearing a mask and some people appeared to be drinking.

An unmasked representative of the company told investigators that they disagreed with the state's health order and decided not to follow the order.

Location: Plymouth

Investigators went to the Plymouth Hotel for inspection on January 8 and found that the parking lot was full.

Investigators said that although the company only opened its outdoor service area, it found many violations, including the distance between tables less than 6 feet, allowing people to stand unobstructed without being alienated, and the table can accommodate six People above.

Prior to the MLCC visit, investigators from the Plymouth Police Department and Wayne County had visited the company and warned its leaders for violating COVID-19 health regulations.

Position: nibble

MLCC received a complaint in December that Bitely Tavern violated the health bill, so investigators went to the company at about 4 pm on January 6.

During the 10 minutes that the investigator observed, there were multiple cars in the parking lot and no one left the building. So the investigator walked into the house, sat in the bar, and ordered food and alcoholic beverages. There were also 16 people eating and drinking inside-no one was wearing a mask or there was no distance.

According to investigators, the only employee who worked did not wear a mask.

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