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Vishay welds 24kW resistor for reliability

tags2 capacitor in series

Vishay has supplied rugged welded shrink tubes, ceramic insulators and stainless steel plate elements for its GRE2 "Milwaukee" resistor, which has a dissipation of up to 24kW.

The double insulation device can work at temperatures up to 400°C and is intended to be used for capacitor pre-charging, capacitor discharge, dynamic braking, load testing, heating and in locomotives, transportation systems, harmonic filters, renewable energy systems Neutral grounding applications, and industrial systems.

The rated value in the range of 250mΩ to 50Ω (±10% tolerance) is 4-24kW (40°C), and the inductance is between 10 and 40µH.

RoHS-compliant resistors can be installed in IP20 (indoor rating) and IP23 (outdoor rating) enclosures.

Mass production is now possible, and the lead time is four weeks.


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