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Joe Bonamassa and Seymour Duncan Unveil the "Bonnie" Pickups | Premier Guitar

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(January 14, 2021)-Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickup trucks and pedals, has partnered with Joe Bonamassa to develop a new limited edition signature Bonnie Strat pickup set and limited edition Bonnie Strat loaded pickup trucks. Exclusively available from Seymour Duncan Customs Store.

Launched a limited edition Joe Bonamassa signature Bonnie Strat pickup set. You can find detailed information about pickups in Joe's "Best Strategies".

Joe Bonamassa's accent is legendary. Therefore, when he said his 1955 hard-tail Fender Stratocaster Bonnie was his "best strategy", we believed him. When he wanted to provide the public with clear pickups for guitars, we set out to remake them with precise accuracy and attention to detail.  

As with all retro pickups, we pay attention to every sound and physical detail when making the Bonnie Strat single coil set. They have time-accurate cloth, push-back wires; black Forbon flat shoes; Alnico IV rod magnets; and a unified 5.96K score. They even boast of retro, perfectly aged plastic covers that can replicate Joe's original work.

Joe Bonamassa is the authority on all guitar sounds. The limited edition Joe Bonamassa signature Bonnie Strat pickup set is the soul and soul of one of his favorite guitars. So whether you are looking for Joe's voice or want your own "best Strat" ​​sound, these are the pickups for you. But act fast. Only 550 sets are provided. And you don’t want to miss it. 

In addition to the autographed Bonnie Strat pickup suit, we will also launch a limited edition Joe Bonamassa autographed Bonney Strat pickup. 

Powering this loaded pickup are three old, accurate single-coil Strat pickups. We use time-correct, cloth, push-back leads to build each complete component; black Forbon flat; Alnico IV rod magnet; rating 5.96K. 

You will also find some unique styles that continue the "precision entertainment" spirit of our Joe's favorite Strat. From the customized Chicklet "phone book" .1uF/150V capacitor and Joe's favorite 5-way selector switch to Bonnie's modern switch tip and miniskirt control knob, everything he likes. And three 250K high-quality CTS potentiometers also complete Pickguard.

Joe Bonamassa's signature Bonnie Strat built-in pickup is the easiest and most complete way to pin the "best" tone of Joe's signature. But only 100 were produced, and demand is high. Therefore, act fast and don't miss this legend.  

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