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high voltage SMD capacitor 1825 250V china manufacturer

high voltage SMD capacitor 1825 250V china manufacturer

There is no clear definition of high-voltage SMD capacitor and ordinary SMD capacitor on the market. Generally speaking, if the withstand voltage exceeds 50V, it can be regarded as a high-voltage SMD capacitor. Pingshang Technology, a manufacturer of SMD capacitor, focuses on high-quality products, and is especially good at producing large-capacity, high-voltage SMD capacitor.

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There is no clear definition of high-voltage SMD capacitor and ordinary SMD capacitor on the market . Generally speaking, with a withstand voltage of more than 50V, they can be regarded as high-voltage SMD capacitor. SMD capacitor manufacturer Pingshang Technology focuses on high-quality products, especially good at producing high-capacity, high-voltage SMD capacitor, and Pingshang is better at serving mid-to-high-end products!

Product picture of our high-voltage SMD capacitor:

smd capacitor 0805high voltage SMD capacitor 1825 250V

The main parameters of our products are:

★ There are 6 kinds of conventional withstand voltage specifications: 250V, 500V, 630V, 1000V, 2000V, 3000V

★ The normal capacitance value range is 1pF~100nF, the higher the withstand voltage, the lower the capacitance value that can be achieved, so individual capacitance values cannot be achieved

★ Generally use NPO or X7R these two materials

★ High-voltage SMD capacitor packages are relatively large, and the supplied package specifications are 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 1825.

Our SMD capacitor products are mainly used in:

1. Power Products

2. Lighting equipment

3. Automotive Electronics

4. Equipment

5. Intelligent products

6. Network communication equipment

7. Instrumentation

8. Many fields such as automation equipment

We supply the core advantages of high-voltage SMD capacitor products:

1. Good reliability, suitable for high-end products

2. High voltage resistance and good breakdown resistance

3. Good temperature characteristics and strong stability

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