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SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor/smd capacitor

SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor/smd capacitor

SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor can withstand large pulsating currents in the circuit, have large capacity, and large capacity errors.

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SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor can withstand large pulsating currents in the circuit, have large capacity, and large capacity errors. They are needed in many low-frequency bypass and signal coupling circuits. The difference with the smd capacitor is that the smd aluminum electrolytic capacitor has positive and negative poles, and the stability is better than that of the plug-in. Pingshang Technology's own brand is better at serving high-quality products!


The SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor in our inventory are complete in specifications:


1. Package size includes 0405, 0504, 0605, 0607, 0810, 1010

2. The capacitance specifications are in stock from 0.1UF to 470UF, and the conventional specifications are available, and customized services are specially launched. We can meet the capacitance values you want!


3. The voltage is 4V~400V

4. Errors include J±5%, K±1%, M±20%

The main functions of our SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor include:


Filtering, energizing, coupling, starting, etc.

Our SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor products are mainly used in:


1. Power Products

2. Lighting equipment

3. Automotive Electronics

4. Equipment

5. Intelligent products

6. Network communication equipment

7. Instrumentation

8. Many fields such as automation equipment

Standard RVT series SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Operating temperature range: -55℃~+105℃

 2000 hours rated

Working voltage: 4V ~100V DC

Electric capacity range: 0.1uf~1500uf

Capacitance tolerance: ±20% (120HZ. 20℃)

Product size Case diameter: φ4*5.4, φ5*5.4, φ6.3*5.4, φ6.3*7.7, φ8*10.2, φ10*10.2, etc.

  The product features and functions of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor are:

(1) The working medium of the smd aluminum electrolytic capacitor is to generate a very thin layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) on the surface of the aluminum foil by anodizing. This oxide dielectric layer and the anode of the capacitor are combined to form a complete system. The two are interdependent and cannot be independent of each other; what we usually call a capacitor, its electrodes and dielectric are independent of each other.

(2) The anode of the smd aluminum electrolytic capacitor is an aluminum foil with an Al2O3 dielectric layer on the surface. The cathode is not the negative foil we are used to thinking, but the capacitor's electrolyte.

(3) The negative foil plays the role of electrical extraction in the electrolytic capacitor, because the electrolyte as the cathode of the electrolytic capacitor cannot be directly connected to the external circuit, and an electrical path must be formed through another metal electrode and other parts of the circuit.

((4) The anode aluminum foil and cathode aluminum foil of smd aluminum electrolytic capacitor are usually corroded aluminum foil, and the actual surface area is much larger than its apparent surface area. This is also one of the reasons why aluminum electrolytic capacitor usually have large capacitance. Aluminum foil with many fine etched holes usually needs liquid electrolyte to make more effective use of its actual electrode area.

(5) Since the dielectric oxide film of the smd aluminum electrolytic capacitor is obtained by anodizing, and its thickness is proportional to the voltage applied by the anodizing, in principle, the thickness of the dielectric layer of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be Control artificially and accurately.

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