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Multilayer inductor low frequency and high frequency inductor

Multilayer inductor low frequency and high frequency inductor

SMD laminated inductor composition:
Volume(0402 0603 0805 1206 1210)
Sense value(NH UH)
Error(±5% ±10% ±20%)

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SMD laminated inductor composition:

Volume(0402  0603  0805  1206  1210)

Sense value(NH UH)

Error(±5%  ±10%  ±20%)

The difference between low frequency and high frequency of SMD laminated inductor:

The error of high frequency inductor   is ±5%,The range of conventional inductor is ±5% between 6.8NH—100NH, and the conventional error of 100NH—330NH is ±10%, but this range can also be ±5%, which corresponds to the low frequency inductor The error is ±10%

Pingshang Technology has a complete range of conventional models,Including: chip beads, high current SMD inductor, SMD power inductor, high frequency inductor, SMD winding inductor, laminated inductor, common mode inductor, shielding inductor, I-shaped inductor, etc.; conventional inductor, rated Products with parameters such as current are in stock.

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