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Precision milliohm resistor Fine tuning resistor

Precision milliohm resistor Fine tuning resistor

Product Introduction: Series:0603、0805、1206、1210、1812、2010
Resistance:0.1R—100R 0Ω—22MΩAll series

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Product Introduction: Series:0603、0805、1206、1210、1812、2010

Resistance:0.1R—100R  0Ω—22MΩAll series 




1. The resistance is small, and the impact on the circuit itself when placed in the circuit is small, and it is used for current sampling;

2. Strong conductivity, large overcurrent

3. High precision, low temperature coefficient, non-inductance, high overload capacity;

4. Resistance to humidity, high temperature, low temperature coefficient, safe and reliable;

5. Meet ROHS directive requirements.

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