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SMD transistor package SOT-23

SMD transistor package SOT-23

Pingshang Technology specializes in supplying SMD transistor products with complete specifications. We must have what others have, and we can have what others don't! Can be customized to meet your different needs!

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Product Details

The regular specifications of SMD transistors supplied include:


Package: SOT-23


S9012, S9013, S9014, S9015, S9018, S8050, S8550, SS8050, SS8050

MMBT3904, MMBT3906, MMBT4401 MMBT5551, MMBT5401, MMBT2222, MMBT2907, MMBT2907A, MMBTA42 MMBTA43, MMBTA44, MMBTA55, MMBTA56, MMBTA64, MMBTA92, MMBTA93, MMBTA94, etc.

The above are more conventional models, if you need other models, please contact Pingshang Technology

Our patch transistor products are mainly used in:


1. Power Products

2. Lighting equipment

3. Automotive Electronics

4. Medical equipment

5. Intelligent products

6. Network communication equipment

7. Instrumentation

The functions of the supplied patch transistor include:


1. Commonly used for voltage amplification and current amplification;

2. Leading the formation of the oscillation circuit

3. Use as an electronic switch

4. Play the role of impedance change

5. Use as a variable resistor

SMD Transistor "Purchasing Guidance Center"! Let you save effort, worry and money! For more information, please contact +86 4000035559 to try to solve the problem of customers purchasing SMD transistors, which is the direction of Pingshang Technology's service.

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