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About PingShang

Human beings are on the road of electronic information construction, and PAGOODA has always been its important sharer, creator and contributor.PAGOODA is committed to adapting to various SMD electronic components required by the global high-tech electronics industry.Over the past two decades, having experienced reforms and innovations in the electronic age again and again, PAGOODA supports your usual "accustomed" life.PAGOODA products continue to support the lives and social activities of human beings all over the world in places where everyone cannot see.Now and at this moment, PAGOODA products are playing a full role in the "accustomed" life around you.

About PingShang

PAGOODA is an integrated chip electronic component supplier leading the world with laminated ceramic technology.Today, among the products that everyone comes into contact with daily, PAGOODA's various electronic components are still showing their talents.PAGOODA's products and technologies are contributing to the realization of future applications, such as autonomous driving, medical care, renewable energy, 5G communications, robotics, AR/VR, IoT drones, etc., thereby improving the daily lives of people all over the world.In PAGOODA's three major markets: automotive, information and communication technology, and industrial equipment and energy markets, these seven applications will be the future growth areas.It is the mission of Pingshang people to contribute to the future of electronic technology and social development by providing valuable products to the growth market.

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