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The passive electronic components market is expected to register a CAGR of approximately 4.2% during the forecast period (2020 - 2025) | Benzinga

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/PRNewswire/-It is estimated that during the forecast period (2020-2025), the compound annual growth rate of the passive electronic component market is about 4.2%. The increasing popularity of digitalization and the increasing demand for connectivity and mobility have further increased the complexity of electronic devices. This has accelerated the demand for passive components in electronic products.

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-Increasing adoption of digital technology, coupled with increased connectivity and mobility requirements, has further increased the complexity of electronic devices. This is accelerating the demand for passive components in electronics and automotive applications.

-Consumer electronic products have the highest inductance consumption. Inductors are used for power supplies in various complex circuits, manage current, and are also used as filters in circuits to cut off undesirable frequencies. Consumer products such as televisions, wearable devices, and computing devices have stable demand for inductors. However, the new trend of interconnection and smart devices will see an increase in the number of circuits, leading to an increase in the demand for inductors in the near future. ?

-In addition, the miniaturization of PCBs, advances in semiconductors and circuit architecture have paved the way for the increased demand for capacitors in smartphones. The deployment of on-board capacitors in smartphones usually takes the form of Class I or Class II multilayer ceramic capacitors. As the 5G penetration rate increases, more capacitors will be needed to meet higher efficiency requirements. A single smartphone composed of components such as chips, camera modules, vibrators, and displays can operate at the same voltage level and frequency. However, since the circuits used for cameras, motors, and speakers require higher voltages and frequencies, multiple inductors are used in a single mobile phone. Inductors are also included in accessories such as adapters and earphones, making the smartphone market segment the largest consumer of inductors.

-By defining a component stress test standard for passive components called AEC-Q200, which includes a set of tests, the device must pass the test to qualify. The test further covers production issues such as solderability and soldering heat resistance. This helps manufacturers declare a higher level of component reliability. According to data from the World Economic Forum, by 2035, 12 million fully autonomous vehicles are expected to be sold each year, accounting for 25% of the global automotive market. Therefore, the range of communication equipment for each vehicle has been expanded.

-The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in 2020 and its impact on passive electronic components have reduced the operation level of the entire supply chain, and reduced the production level of parts and raw materials. This represents a decline in sales in a range of regions and countries. However, Japanese suppliers and related factories in the region remain stable.

-AVX Corporation warned in a written letter that this constitutes a "force majeure" situation, instructing its industry-based product distribution. Ohmite keeps its

The resistor factory will be fully operational in the first quarter of 2020. CDE Electronics Corporation of the United States announced that due to the shortage of personnel caused by COVID-19, the domestic energy utilization rate was insufficient.

The automotive industry is expected to be widely adopted

-Automotive electronics are electronic systems used in road vehicles (ignition, radio, telematics, engine management and on-board entertainment systems, etc.). With more and more opportunities for product innovation, the automotive market is rapidly developing into the most profitable market. As the demand for hybrid electric vehicles increases, the demand for passive electronic components is increasing.

-In addition, due to emissions and energy issues, electric vehicles have received great attention. Even if capacitors play a small role in micro-to-mild hybrid vehicles, energy savings can accumulate to 15%. In contrast, for more important functions, such as energy storage systems in trams, trains and subways, energy savings can account for up to 25% of total electricity consumption. Therefore, these factors are prompting automakers to invest in the market being studied.


KEMET has introduced a new type of metal composite power inductor, which is very suitable for the growing demand of the automotive market. These new inductors are used in DC to DC switching power supplies and play a vital role in the electrification of modern automobiles.

-In addition, resistors are also ideal for automotive technicians to diagnose and test sensors and monitored circuits. For example, in

, KOA plans to introduce a new series of wire-wound and metal oxide high-power resistors in the ceramic housing, these resistors will be specifically used for automotive pre-charge/discharge applications.

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the market


Due to the emergence of multiple market participants such as Panasonic Corporation, TDK Corporation, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Yageo Corporation, the region is expected to dominate market research during the forecast period.

-In addition, some technological advancements, such as the exponential growth of smartphones in the region and the growth of the number of smartphone users in the country, are bound to drive market research in the region.

-In addition, smart city plans in the region are also increasing, which promotes the growth of inductors in the region. s country

Area, for example


To lead such initiatives. The smart city plan promotes digitalization, the development of 5G technology, and the deployment of several IoT sensors.

-Regional market participants see strategic investment as a favorable opportunity for growth in the region. For example, in

, Yageo plans to invest 10 billion New Taiwan dollars for local investment. According to the company,

It is the hub of the company's R&D and production. The investment will aim to develop high-end products for automotive electronics and 5G applications.

The competitive landscape of the passive electronic components market is fragmented due to the presence of multiple market participants worldwide. Market participants are carrying out some product development and innovation to gain the largest market share. In addition, market participants are considering establishing strategic partnerships and investing to obtain the greatest market appeal.


-Bourns Inc. launched its new series of thick film chip resistors that meet the AEC-Q200 standard. In addition, the company is also committed to maintaining its leading position in space-saving resistor products by providing the latest CRxxxxA type in eight compact sizes (from small 0201 (0603 metric) to 2512 (6431 metric)).

-KEMET launched a new series of metal composite power inductors to meet the strict demands of the automotive market. The MPXV product series expands the company's METCOM product range and has passed AEC-Q200 certification for use in the automotive field. The new power inductors can provide effective power conversion while minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI), and are very suitable for use in DC to DC switching power supplies to meet the needs of more and more electronic control units (ECU) in automotive systems demand.

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