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The patents granted include:

• 7-11 camera array for scalable position tracking system

•Avaya's selective communication event extraction

• The naming of active speakers in the Cisco ICN-based real-time communication system

• Micronization technology to purify hydrocarbons from mineral matrix

• Textron foldable UAS wing with gear interface

• Toyota’s telepresence drone drives NASA’s digital recognition system

•Vpay’s merchant portal system

we. Patent 10,875,626, UAS foldable wings with gear interface has been transferred to Textron Innovations Inc.

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B: Perform operations; transport 23

C: Chemistry; Metallurgy 2

E: Fixed structure 5

F: Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating; weapons; blasting 6

G: Physics 45

H: Electric 54

Design: 6

Texas Instruments (Dallas) 25

Sandisk Technologies (Addison) 11

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America (Plano) 9

Micron Technology Inc. (Boise, Idaho) 5

Bell Helicopter Textron Corporation (Fort Worth) 4

Capital One Services LLC (McLean, Virginia) 4

Halliburton Energy Services Limited (Houston) 4

Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Plano) 3

STMicroelectronics (Coppell) 3

Unassigned 11

Benjamin Weatherford (Princeton) 2

Clifton Thompson (Lucas) 2

Dale Robert Anderson (Colleyville) 2

Glen Lagio (Mesquite) 2

Harish N. Venkata (Allen) 2

Ilesh V. Patel (Euless) 2

Thomas Master (Carrollton) 2

William T. Bibi (Melissa) 2

Marshall Proulx (Keller, TX)

Stryker Corporation (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Howard Howard Attorney PLLC (4 non-local offices)

16208630 on 12/04/2018 (756 days application released)

A personal protection system used to provide a sterile barrier around medical/surgical personnel. The system includes a helmet with a hood or robe hanging from the helmet. The helmet is equipped with a microphone, amplifier and speakers. The voice of the individual wearing the personal protection system is picked up by the microphone, and the amplified voice is broadcast by the speaker. The loudspeaker points outwards to broadcast the voice through the hood or robe covering the helmet.

Sudhir Prem Srivastava (Frisco, Texas)


No lawyer

15038478 on 11/21/2014 (application released 2230 days old)

In one embodiment of the present invention, an electric surgical instrument is proposed, which includes an elongated shaft, a wrist member, and a pair of working members, wherein at least one working member can be in an open position and a closed position relative to the other working member. Move between. The elongate shaft includes a cradle plate towards its proximal end, which cradle plate enables independent and controlled movement of surgical instruments with a plurality of actuators firmly held therein. In addition, a surgical instrument capable of easily and quickly replacing working components is disclosed.

John Early (Dallas, Texas)


Heslin Rothenberg Farley Mesiti PC (2 non-local offices)

16107726 on 08/21/2018 (861 days application released)

Devices used to release soft tissues include retractors and blade assemblies. The spreader may include a guide channel located along the edge of the spreader, and the blade assembly is fitted into the guide channel and configured to slide in the channel of the spreader.

Alexander M. Cherkashin (Flower Hill, Texas), John D. Ross (Ovira, Texas), Mikhail L. Sanchukov (Texas Koper)

Scottish Children's Hospital of Texas (Dallas, Texas)

Haines and Boone (LLP) (local + 13 other metropolitan areas)

15787327 on 10/18/2017 (1168 days of application released)

Provides a dynamic device and method of use. The dynamization device may include a first module and a second module fitted together in a substantially cylindrical shape. The outer surfaces of the first and second modules are connected to the deformable ring, and when a longitudinal force is applied to the first and second modules, the deformable ring may deform. The deformation of the ring creates a longitudinal mechanical bias in the device to restore it to its original shape. The strength, spring constant and size of the dynamic device can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the application.

Reginald Rembert (Flower Hill, Texas)


15067488 on 03/11/2016 (1754 days old application released)

The wearable massager includes multiple accessories, each of which is designed for a specific body part. Each accessory includes at least one massage module on its inner surface, which is formed by a mechanical roller that simulates massage when moving vertically and horizontally, or a plurality of continuous inflatable airbags that simulate massage when inflated and quickly deflated. The controller allows the user to change the speed and intensity of the horizontal and vertical movement of the drum, or the level, sequence and frequency of inflation and deflation of each air bag. Therefore, the continuous movement of the roller or the inflation and deflation of the bladder to the wearer's skin mimics the typical movements of the hands and fingers of a massage therapist.

Mark Tengle (Southlake, TX)

Spectrix Therapeutics, LLC (Southlake, Texas)

Chalker Flores, LLP (local)

16114955 on 08/28/2018 (854 days application released)

The present invention includes compositions and methods for providing a therapeutically acceptable dose of an active drug for delivering an effective amount of an active drug compound once a day, the amount being effective to treat at least one of the following: Sjogren’s syndrome, Xerostomia, dry mouth, hypothyroidism. Reduced or impaired saliva secretion leads to salivation or tooth carrying. The peak and trough times of the blood concentration at 8 hours are both greater than 25% of the peak blood concentration.

Connor Meehan (Richardson, TX), Lopa Patel (Irving, TX)

FLEXTRONICS AP, LLC (San Jose, California)

Volpe Koenig (4 non-local offices)

16134691 on 09/18/2018 (833 days of application release)

A device and method for sterile delivery of biological drugs in a wearable form. The device and method allow the use of standard ready-made kits without compromising the sterility of biological preparations. In addition, by using two-part components, manufacturing costs are minimized.

Aslam Ajani (Dallas, Texas)

16453726 on June 26, 2019 (552 days of application released)

A stand is provided. The holder includes a base, a platform, a first leg and a second leg. The platform includes fasteners for attaching objects to the platform. The first leg is pivotally connected to the base and the platform. The second leg can also be hingedly connected to the platform. Each of the first leg and the second leg has a first part and a second part, and the first part and the second part may be hingedly coupled to each other.

David Lyons (Fort Worth, Texas)

SA Lhoist Recherche et Developpement (Ottini-Louwan-La-New, Belgium)

Whitaker Chalk Swindle Schwartz PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16032152 on 07/11/2018 (902 days old application released)

A powdered calcium-magnesium compound that can be used as an adsorbent composition in flue gas treatment and is compatible with electrostatic precipitators. The calcium-magnesium compound is mixed with calcium nitrate or nitric acid to reduce the resistivity of the particles, thereby improving the collection efficiency.

Hisao Kato (Aichi, JP), Hongfei Jia (Ann Arbor, Michigan), (Huang (Farmington Hills, Michigan), Liqin Zhou (Ockermos, Missouri), Tomoyuki Nagai (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Shen Xiaochen (Akron, Ohio), Peng Zhenmeng (Hudson, Ohio)

Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

Darrow Mustafa PC (2 non-local offices)

16139936 on 09/24/2018 (827 days application released)

This article describes a method of preparing a porous material in which metal alloy nanoparticles are formed. By preparing the porous material and transporting the precursor solution under vacuum, the metal precursor can be evenly embedded in the pores of the porous material. Once the absorption is complete, the porous material can be heated in the presence of one or more functional gases to reduce the metal precursor to metal alloy nanoparticles and embed the metal alloy nanoparticles in the pores. In this way, metal alloy nanoparticles can be formed in the pores, while avoiding surface wetting and absorption problems that may occur under small pores.

Jared R. Hitch (Flemingsburg, Kentucky)

Dinsmore Shohl LLP (14 non-local offices)

15624188 on 06/15/2017 (1293 days of application release)

A device for changing surface defects, the device may include: a hollow shaft including a first open end and a second open end opposite to the first open end; a plunger, the plunger sliding in the hollow shaft and Extending from the first open end; a driver connected to the first open end. The second open end of the hollow shaft extends from the second open end, and a passive resistance mechanism that connects the plunger to the hollow shaft. The passive resistance mechanism pushes the plunger toward the second open end of the hollow shaft. There is a mark on the plunger, and the mark is visible when the plunger extends from the first open end. The method of using the device to modify surface defects is also described.

Dony Dawson (Fort Worth, TX), Jeffrey R. Weilert (Fort Worth, TX), Stephen Savoie (Keller, TX)

Eldredge Law Firm, LLC (2 non-local offices)

15979760 on 05/15/2018 (959 days application released)

The wall-mounted display panel system includes a frame; a hinge system, which is installed on the wall and joined with the frame; a panel installed on the front of the frame; and casters are installed on the bottom of the frame to rest on the ground. The hinge system allows the frame and panel to pivot; the hinge system and the pivot of the frame move the casters along the ground.

Daniel B. Gidcumb (West Bloomfield, Michigan), David W. Cosgrove (Royal Oak, Michigan), Hidekazu Hirabayashi (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Stefan Young (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

15244426 on August 23, 2016 (1589 days old application released)

Vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with variable compressors can reduce the load applied to the vehicle’s powertrain under certain conditions. The system and method can determine whether the power state of the HVAC system is activated, and whether the engine water temperature meets the mandatory HVAC recirculation intake threshold. In response to determining that the engine water temperature meets the mandatory HVAC recirculation intake threshold, the recirculation mode air source may be selected for the HVAC system. In response to selecting the recirculation mode air source, it is determined whether at least one measured vehicle condition meets a predetermined criterion. In response to determining that at least one measured vehicle condition satisfies a predetermined criterion, the variable compressor may be operated according to a reduced load map.

Paxton S. Williams (Milan, Michigan), Scott Louis Frederick (Brighton, Michigan)

16395805 on 04/26/2019 (613 days of application release)

The trunk cover for vehicle cargo includes a first panel having a first opening configured to be able to perform between a first side of the first panel and a second side of the first panel opposite to the first side Fluid communication. The trunk cover defines at least one air flow channel in fluid communication with the first opening and extending along the second side of the first panel.

Brendan Dodge (South Lyon, Michigan)

16239867 on 01/04/2019 (725 days old application released)

Door components include door frames, weather strips and window glass. The door frame defines the opening of the window. The weather strip is coupled to the door frame along a part of the window opening. The weather strip includes an inner flange, an outer flange and a base defining a cavity. The inner flange includes a plurality of inner holes, and the outer flange includes a plurality of outer holes. The window glass is movably coupled to the door frame between the closed position and the ventilation position. In the closed position, the window glass is engaged in the cavity between the inner and outer holes to prevent air from being ventilated through the weather strip. In the ventilation position, the upper edge of the window glass is engaged in the cavity to allow air to ventilate through the weather strip.

Wilson Ash (Fort Worth, TX)

16282625 on 02/22/2019 (676 days application released)

The child seat includes a horizontal seat panel and a vertical backrest panel, which are respectively accommodated in designated compartments of the seat and backrest of the existing passenger seat. According to the command, the actuator will remove the two panels from its designated compartment when needed to form a child seat. The blanket is stored in a pocket installed on the back surface of the existing backrest to make passengers feel comfortable. The blanket includes: sleeves that allow passengers to use their arms when covered; openings to accommodate the headrest of the passenger seat; and inflatable neck pillows that surround the head hole.

Aamir F. Jafri (Little Elm, Texas)

Safran Seat America Inc. (Gainesville, Texas)

Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton LLP (14 non-local offices)

16348009 on 08/08/2017 (1239 days old application released)

The adaptive seat belt is connected to the vehicle seat and includes the first part ([b] 101 [/ b]), the second part ([b] 102 [/ b]) and the third part ([b] 103 [/ b ]). The adaptive belt includes a retracted configuration and a fully extended configuration. In the retracted configuration, the adaptive strap is folded between the first part and the second part so that the first accessory attaches the first part to the first part of the second part. In the retracted configuration, the adaptive strap is also folded between the second part and the third part, so that the second accessory attaches the second part of the second part to the first part of the third part. In the fully extended configuration, all accessories fail, which increases the length of the adaptive belt. In response to the threshold loading condition, the adaptive belt changes from the retracted configuration to the fully extended configuration.

Philip Weaver (Plano, TX)

14858161 (September 18, 2015) (1929 days of application released)

A method implemented by a computing device in a vehicle is disclosed. The identification information is obtained from an occupant of the vehicle through an input device operatively connected to the computing device. If the computing device has connectivity to the remote authentication server, the computing device sends a request to the authentication server, and based on the response from the remote authentication server, controls whether all operations of the vehicle are enabled or disabled. The request includes identification information and a vehicle identifier of the vehicle, and the authentication server is requested to determine whether the occupant is authorized to operate the vehicle based on the identification information and the vehicle identifier. If the computing device lacks connectivity with the remote authentication server, all operations of the vehicle are temporarily enabled until the computing device has connectivity with the remote authentication server.

Lee A. Reitz (Euless, Texas)


Baker Botz (LLP) (local + 6 other metropolitan areas)

15978620 on 05/14/2018 (960-day application released)

According to some embodiments, the rail car includes a central door sill and two side door sills extending along the longitudinal centerline of the rail car. The two side thresholds are located on opposite sides of the central threshold and extend parallel to the central threshold. The rail car also includes a first internal discharge door connected to the rail car near the center sill on the first patient (first side) of the longitudinal centerline of the rail car. On the second side (second side) of the longitudinal centerline, near the central threshold, the second railway internal unloading door is connected to the rail car; the first outer discharge door is connected near the side beam on the first side; A second outer discharge door connected near the side member of the second side; a first link connects the first inner discharge door to the second outer discharge door; a second link connects the second inner discharge door to the first outer discharge door .

Charles Easley, Dakota (Dallas, TX), Danielle Lynn Moore (Fort Worth, TX)

Textron Innovations (Provence, Rhode Island)

Lawrence Youst (Lawrence Youst) PLLC (local)

16148005 on 10/01/2018 (820 days application released)

A foldable wing system for an unmanned aerial vehicle system with a fuselage includes: a left wing frame with an inboard gear rotatably coupled to the fuselage; a right wing frame with a rotatably coupled to the aircraft The inboard gear of the body; and the wing actuator, which is coupled to the connection point on the fuselage. At least one wing frame. The wing frame can be moved between multiple positions including a deployed position and a stowed position. The inner gear of the left wing frame is engaged with the inner gear of the right wing frame so that the wing frame moves symmetrically between a plurality of positions in response to the movement of the linkage point of the wing actuator.

Abey Kurikesu of Fort Worth, Texas, Amarjit O. Kizhakkepat of Fort Worth, Texas

Bell Helicopter Textron Corporation (Fort Worth, Texas)

Timer Law Group, PLLC (1 non-local office)

15968649 on 05/01/2018 (973 days application released)

An aircraft includes a fixed nacelle arranged on the wing of the aircraft, the fixed nacelle includes a nacelle opening; a proprotor pylon is arranged on the wing, and can be in a basic horizontal position and a non-horizontal position relative to the fixed nacelle The proprotor pylon is rotated to a non-horizontal position to expose the nacelle opening; and a movable cover arranged on at least one of the wing and the fixed nacelle, the movable cover including a plurality of cover members, the plurality of The cover member is movable between closed positions, in which at least a portion of the cover members collectively form a protective cover for the front cover. When the proprotor hanger is in the non-horizontal position and the stowed position, the nacelle will open. In the stowed position, at least part of the cover parts should be covered. In other aspects, a method of covering an opening in a nacelle is provided.

John C. Larkin (III) (Bristol, Tennessee), Michael Smith (Colliville, Texas)

15894888 on 02/12/2018 (1051 days of application released)

One aspect provides a sliding undercarriage assembly including: a cross beam disposed between a first sliding tube and a second sliding tube; and a cable member configured to be disposed in the cross beam. Wherein, when a downward load is applied to the sliding gear assembly, the tension cable member resists the outward deflection of at least a part of the sliding gear assembly. In other aspects, there are methods to avoid ground resonance in the sliding gear landing gear assembly, assembling the sliding gear landing gear assembly, operating a helicopter with the sliding gear landing gear assembly, and improving the service life of the sliding gear landing gear. Gear assembly.

Albert Gerard Brand (North Richland Hills, TX), Eric Albert Sinusas (Southlake, TX), Thomas C. Parham, Jr. (Colleyville, TX)

Lightfoot Alford PLLC (1 non-local office)

16196950 (11/20/2018) (770 days of application release)

A rotor system for a rotorcraft has a hub rotatable about an axis, and a plurality of blades coupled to the hub to rotate about the axis together therewith. Each blade can rotate about the pitch axis relative to the hub, and the ring couples adjacent blades to each other.

David Littlejohn (Haslet, TX), Scott Oren Smith (Bedford, TX), Sven Roy Lofstrom (Irving, TX)

Sikorsky Aircraft Company (Stratford, Connecticut)

Foley Lardner LLP (local + 13 other cities)

15282263 on 09/30/2016 (application released 1551 days old)

The adhesive fixture includes a first frame that defines a cavity configured to receive the leading edge of the rotor blade; and a second frame that is pivotally coupled to the first frame. The second frame is movable between the first position and the second position. In the second position, the second frame restricts the movement of the bonding jig relative to the rotor blade. At least one support assembly extends from the first frame toward the cavity. At least one support assembly is adjustable to apply pressure to adjacent surfaces of the rotor blade.

Charles Hubert Speller (Flower Hills, Texas), Troy Cyril Schank (Keller, Texas)

15897310 on 02/15/2018 (application released 1048 days old)

Mast locking system for tilt-rotor aircraft with proprotor components. The system includes a mast connected to the proprotor assembly and rotatable with it. A proprotor gearbox with a proprotor gearbox housing is operable to transfer torque and rotational energy to the mast. The lock assembly has a first lock member and a second lock member. The first locking member is coupled to the mast and can rotate with the mast. The second locking member is coupled to the proprotor gearbox housing. The locking assembly has a first position in which the first and second locking members are disengaged, allowing the proprotor assembly to rotate. The locking assembly has a second position in which the first locking member and the second locking member are engaged, thereby preventing the proprotor assembly from rotating. The locking assembly can be actuated between a first position and a second position.

Brent Scannell (Roxboro, California), Thomas Mast (Carrollton, Texas)

Bell Helicopter TEXTRON (Fort Worth, Texas)

Patent Capital Group (local + 6 other cities)

15706338 on 09/15/2017 (1201 days of application issued)

In one embodiment of the present disclosure, there is provided an aircraft having a bi-folding front wall for providing complete access to equipment without the need to completely remove the front wall. The bi-fold dash panel has upper and lower parts mechanically connected along adjacent edges, wherein the upper part and the lower part are folded so that the inner surfaces face each other when opened. In another embodiment, the bi-folding front wall has at least three maintenance positions, including partially open, fully open and fully open positions that are placed flat on the surface of the aircraft.

15706366 on 09/15/2017 (1201 days of application issued)

In one embodiment of the present disclosure, there is provided an aircraft including: a fairing having a j-shaped track mounted on an inwardly facing surface; and a rod pivotally connected to the aircraft at a first end The fixed part, and can move in the j-shape. On the second end, the second end slides on the front cover so that when the fairing is opened, the second end moves to lock into the j-shaped portion and keep the fairing open. In various embodiments, the first end may be pivotally connected to the aircraft by a quick release pin, and the second end may be connected to the j-shaped track by a torsion spring. In another embodiment of the present disclosure, the fairing is a double-folding fairing having an upper portion and a lower portion, wherein the rod and the lower portion may include a structure for holding the lower portion in an open position.

Randy L. Pfeiffer (Dexter, Michigan)

16445987 on 06/19/2019 (559 days application released)

The transfer box includes a base plate, interlocking components, a fixed plate and a plate tongue. The interlock assembly is arranged on the first edge of the base plate, and includes a support arranged on the base plate and a locking finger rotatably arranged on the support. The fixing plate is arranged on a second edge of the base plate opposite to the first edge. The plate part is fixed to the bottom plate and extends from the bottom plate.

Tim Criswell (Prairie, Texas)

Daifuku Co., Ltd. (Osaka, JP), Wynright Corporation (Hobart, Indiana)

Griggs Bergen LLP (local)

16505407 on 07/08/2019 (application released for 540 days)

An automatic box loader for loading products in a trailer is disclosed. The movable infrastructure provides a support frame for driving sub-assemblies, transportation sub-assemblies, industrial robots, ranging sensors and control sub-assemblies. Under the operation of the control component, the product advances through the electric transportation path to the industrial robot, which places the product in the trailer. The control component coordinates the selective joint movement of the industrial robot and the activation of the drive component according to the detection object of the distance measurement sensor in the detection space, the size of the trailer provided to the control component and the size of the product provided to the control component. Control components.

Benjamin Weatherford (Benjamin Weatherford) (Princeton, Texas), Clifton Thompson (Lucas, Texas), William T. Bigby (Williams Serena) (Merry, Texas) Sha)

Encore Wire Corporation (McKinney, Texas)

Warren Rhoades LLP (1 non-local office)

16789365 on 02/12/2020 (321-day application released)

A device for distributing wires or cables, the device comprising a housing having a top and a bottom and at least three sides having a first height, a plurality of holes in the top and bottom of the housing, and a core are arranged in the housing A hole of a second height, in which the core forms an area, wherein at least one of the plurality of holes has a first hole diameter and is located at the top and bottom of the housing and within the area formed by the housing. Core wire, in which wires or cables are placed around the core wire.

16790153 on February 13, 2020 (application released for 320 days)

Charles A. Arnold (Luckwood, Colorado), James P. Yates (Charleston, Illinois), William E. Hahn (Aurora, Colorado)

Micronizing Technologies, LLC (Allen, Texas)

Harper Bates Champion LLP (local)

11918177, October 10, 2006 (5377 days of application released)

The method for releasing organic carbonaceous products from a mineral matrix such as oil shale and the products released by this method, in particular, the present invention causes the oil shale to undergo resonance decomposition in a preferred embodiment, including rapid pressure and direction changes, Change the force on it substantially instantaneously. The oil shale processed by the non-impact processing method according to the present invention releases kerogen from the mineral matrix to allow subsequent conversion to shale oil or other utilization.

Guido Fridolin Verbeck (IV, TX)

University of North Texas (Denton, TX)

15686864 on 08/25/2017 (1222 days of application to be released)

This article describes a soft landing (SL) instrument for depositing ions onto a substrate by using a laser ablation source. The instrument of the present invention is designed with a customized drift tube and split ring ion optics for separating selected ions, and can work under atmospheric pressure. The drift tube separates and heats the ions formed after laser ablation by colliding with the inert bath gas, so that the ions fall on the substrate with an energy of less than 1 eV. Split ring ion optics can direct ions to the detector or the landing substrate of the selected component.

Evan R. Daniels (Dallas, Texas), Jonathan Newton (Van Alsteen, Texas)

Knowledge Gorilla Co., Ltd. (Entry Buck, CH)

16114594 on 08/28/2018 (854 days application released)

The fire door includes a core, a first decorative board and a second decorative board. The core includes: (a) a gypsum-based fire-resistant center board having a bottom, a top, a first side, a second side, a first end, and a second end, wherein the gypsum-based fire-resistant center board is made of the following materials: first gypsum Base refractory material, and (b) an extruded gypsum-based fire-resistant frame attached to the first side, second side, first end and second end of the gypsum-based fire-resistant center plate, wherein the extruded gypsum-based fire-resistant frame has The second gypsum-based refractory is made of a higher density than the first gypsum-based refractory. The first decorative board is attached to the top of the gypsum-based fire-resistant center board and the extruded gypsum-based fire-resistant frame. The second decorative board is attached to the bottom of the gypsum-based fire-resistant center board and the extruded gypsum-based fire-resistant frame.

Christopher Robert Delzell (Plano, Texas), Phillip Terry Thomas (Texas Colony)

Halliburton Energy Services Company (Houston, Texas)

McGuireWoods LLP (local + 9 other metropolises)

15537369, September 14, 2016 (1567 days of application released)

The chuck includes a cylindrical body and a plurality of longitudinally extending apertures defined through the body, thereby providing one or more axially extending chuck fingers. A collet lug is removably coupled to each axially extending collet finger.

David Joe Steele (Arlington, Texas)

15777630 on December 21, 2015 (1835 days old application)

Various embodiments include methods and equipment configured to increase the efficiency of drilling operations. The device may be configured to include a sleeve configured to operably fit on a liner or casing in a wellbore. The sleeve may be configured with a packer element that is arranged such that when the liner with the packer element is not operatively rotating, the liner or the shell can rotate within the liner. Additional devices, systems, and methods can be implemented in various applications.

Michael Linley Fripp (Carrollton, TX), Thomas Jules Frosell (Irving, TX), Zachary Ryan Murphree (Dallas, TX)

15572910 (June 30, 2015) (Apps released in 2009)

The components used to create the packer may include downhole tools that can be positioned within the wellbore. The downhole tool may include an outflow control device that includes a generally circumferential slot, a port in the slot for receiving the sealant from the reservoir, and a slot that may be located in the generally circumferential direction and the ring of the wellbore. Current limiting device between spaces. The flow restriction device can create a pressure difference between the substantially circumferential slit and the annulus of the wellbore.

Thomas Burky (Mansfield, Texas)

Halliburton Energy Services Company (Houston, Texas)

16323213 on 11/14/2017 (1141 days of application release)

The disclosed embodiment includes a perforating gun assembly. The perforating gun assembly includes a housing and at least one perforating bullet arranged in the housing. In addition, the perforating gun assembly includes a detonating cord arranged in the housing and ballistically coupled with at least one perforating ballistic. In addition, the perforating gun assembly includes a first coupling position and a second coupling position, and both the first coupling position and the second coupling position are configured to be coupled to another perforating gun assembly. The detonator assembly arranged in the first coupling position is also included in the perforating gun assembly. The detonator of the detonator assembly is positioned to shoot in a direction away from the detonator provided in the housing.

Bill P. Bridges (Colliville, Texas)


Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP (local + 13 other subways)

14512039 on October 10, 2014 (2272 days of release of the application)

The well service pump system supplies high pressure working fluid to the well. The pump system is of linear design, including diesel engine, hydraulic drive gearbox, open loop hydraulic pump, hydraulic plunger cylinder, hydraulic system hydraulic cylinder control device, working fluid end cylinder and coupling that connects hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder. The working fluid ends. The engine provides power to the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system provides hydraulic oil to operate the hydraulic plunger cylinder. Each polishing rod of the hydraulic plunger cylinder is axially connected to the plunger rod end of the working fluid end cylinder. No crankshaft or automatic transmission is required. The linear design allows a longer plunger stroke while still allowing trucks or skids to be transported on the highway.

Fred Larson (Granger, Iowa), Matthew Pearson (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Forterra Pipe Precast, LLC (Irving, TX)

Baker Botts LLP (local + 8 other cities)

15486491 on 04/13/2017 (1356 days old application released)

The tube row assembly may include: an elongated extension tube, the length of which is used to receive and pass cables or wires; and an enclosing main body, along the longitudinal extent of the main body between a first mating end and an opposite second mating end The catheter is surrounded. Each mating end of the at least one elongated conduit has a male or female mating end for connecting with a corresponding male or female mating end of an adjacent tube row assembly with a self-locking, self-sealing joint.

John Thomas Rogers (Garland, Texas)

Performance Pulsation Control, Inc. (Richardson, Texas)

16440622 on 06/13/2019 (565 days of application release)

A pulsation damper system is provided. The pulsation damper system includes a pump that pumps fluid through the pulsation damper system. The pulsation damper is located downstream of the pump and can damp the pulsation in the fluid. The pressure sensor is located downstream of the pump and detects the pump pressure of the fluid at the pulsation damper. The Y-tube located downstream of the pulsation damper and pressure sensor can divert fluid to two or more flow paths. The first flow path increases the pump pressure of the fluid from the star dye, and the second flow path allows the fluid to flow unrestricted. The pipe receives fluid from the first flow path and the second flow path, and discharges the fluid further downstream.

Guido Quesada (San Jose, CR)

SB Technical Products Co., Ltd. (Fort Worth, Texas)

15904711 on 02/26/2018 (application released 1037 days old)

A method and sealing gasket are shown for providing a sealing joint between the socket part and the socket part of a low-pressure plastic pipe (such as a drain exhaust pipe), which requires a minimum of tools and operating steps to complete. The sealing gasket is installed in one of the parts to be connected, and the socket part is inserted into the opening of the socket part, and these parts are pressed together in one operation, thereby forming a joint and a seal. The sealing gasket is a composite gasket made of a part of hard plastic material and a part of thermoplastic elastomer material. No glue or adhesive is required.

Christopher William Overton (Richardson, TX), Lonnie Burrow (Carrollton, TX)


Singleton Law, PLLC (location not found)

15808859 on 11/09/2017 (1146 days old application released)

The present invention provides molded polymer ammunition, ammunition boxes, ammunition boxes and ammunition shells, which are overmolded on the primer insert and enter the flash hole of the primer insert fitted to the polymer nose , For the manufacture of polymer ammunition.

Jason D. Journey (Plano, Texas), Neal A. Ackerman (McKinney, Texas), Timothy R. Hawkins (Leonard, Texas), Tony A. Durant (McKinney, Texas)

EMERSON Process Management Regulator Technology Co., Ltd. (McKinney, Texas)

Marshall, Gerstein Borun LLP (2 non-local offices)

15915676 on 03/08/2018 (application released 1027 days old)

The fluid regulator includes a regulator body having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet connected by a fluid flow path, wherein a part of the regulator body forms a first chamber; an orifice arranged in the fluid flow path; a valve Block; and control components. Disposed in the fluid flow path and movable between an open position spaced apart from the valve seat and a closed position close to the valve seat, the control element is arranged to respond to changes in fluid pressure to control the flow of process fluid through the orifice. The diaphragm has a radially inner portion operably coupled to the control element and a radially outer portion operably coupled to the regulator body. The diaphragm consists of an elastic redundant diaphragm sandwiched between two metal diaphragms, which provides two separate seals.

Danil V. Prokhorov (Canton, Michigan)

16021611 on 06/28/2018 (915 days application released)

The telepresence drone configured to navigate in the environment includes: a frame; a propulsion system including a propeller and an electric motor connected to the frame; an electronic control unit communicating with the propulsion system; and a hull located outside the frame and the propulsion system. The hull includes multiple openings through which the propulsion system acts on the air to navigate the environment.

Gerritt B. Meyers (Ypsilanti, Michigan), Timothy J. Woychowski (Fenton, Michigan)

16263732 on 01/31/2019 (698 days of application release)

A device for testing vehicle airbags, comprising: a push plate having a first mounting hole and a second mounting hole; a first pin is accommodated in one of the first mounting holes; a second pin is accommodated in the second mounting hole One of; the first magnet, which is coupled to the second mounting hole. A thruster plate, and a second magnet coupled to the thruster plate. The device includes: a first mass that is accommodated on a first pin and is fixed to the push plate by a first magnet before and during acceleration of the push plate; a second mass is separated from the first mass and accommodated in the On the second pin, the second mass is fixed on the push plate through a second magnet. The deceleration of the push plate causes the first mass and the second mass to be released from the push plate. The device includes an accelerator coupled to a push plate and a vehicle airbag deployment device.

Adam D. McBrady (Dallas, Texas), Andy Walker Brown (Richardson, Texas)

Honeywell International, Inc. (Morris Plains, New Jersey)

Alston Bird LLP (local + 10 other subways)

16396524 on 04/26/2019 (613 days of application release)

A flow device, method and system for determining the composition of fluid particles are provided. An exemplary flow device includes a fluid sensor configured to monitor at least one particle characteristic of a fluid flowing through the fluid sensor. The exemplary flow device also includes at least one processor configured to generate a control signal for the external device when it is determined that the at least one particle characteristic meets the particle standard. The exemplary flow device also includes a fluid composition sensor configured to be powered based on the control signal and also configured to capture data related to fluid particle composition. The exemplary flow device is also configured to generate one or more particle distributions of at least one component of the fluid based on data captured by the fluid component sensor.

Reto P Fiolka (Dallas, Texas)

Board of Trustees of the University of Texas System (Austin, TX)

Polsinelli PC (local + 15 other cities)

16093561 on 04/12/2017 (1357 days old application released)

The present disclosure includes an imaging system configured to uniquely image multiple parallel focal planes in a sample onto their corresponding detectors while reducing blur on adjacent image planes. For example, the focal plane may be shifted so that the detector for another focal plane does not detect the fluorescence detected by the detector for one focal plane, or the intensity of the detected fluorescence is significantly reduced. This allows the imaging system to increase the volumetric image acquisition rate without the need for a stronger fluorescent signal. Additionally or alternatively, the imaging system can operate at a lower volumetric image acquisition rate (eg, the volumetric image acquisition rate of a traditional microscope), while providing a longer exposure time with a lower excitation power. This can reduce or delay photobleaching (for example, the photochemical change of the dye makes it no longer able to fluoresce), thereby extending the life of the sample.

Mudasir Shafat Kawoosa (Karnataka, Indiana), Rajesh Kumar Mittal (Karnataka, Indiana)

Establishment of Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

16117644 on 08/30/2018 (852 days application released)

A scan chain can be formed in the entire integrated circuit, in which the scan chain is coupled to a set of pins through a bidirectional input/output (I/O) buffer. A set of I/O pins and buffers working in parallel can be used to receive test patterns from an external tester. The test pattern is scanned into the scan chain using a shift clock operating at the first rate. The test pattern is then provided to a combinational logic circuit coupled to the scan chain. The response pattern is captured in the scan chain, and then a shift clock operating at a second rate slower than the first rate is used to scan from the scan chain. Use the same set of I/O pins and buffers working in parallel to provide the response mode to an external tester.

Dominique Paul Barbier (Scotts Valley, California), Yang Xiaoyong (San Jose, California)


Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP (1 non-local office)

15617875 on 06/08/2017 (1300 days application released)

The present disclosure is directed to a method and system for scanning an object or environment using a ranging sensor. The method includes rotating the distance measuring sensor around a rotating reference point, and correlating the distance measured with the distance measuring sensor with the rotation measurement value from the rotating sensor fixed to the distance measuring sensor. The associated data is used to populate the data graph or data table to be used to generate the three-dimensional model.

Kyu Jin Lee (Euless, Texas), Robert Magnusson (Arlington, Texas), Yong Hwan Ko (Prairie, Texas)

15267830 on 09/16/2016 (app released 1565 days old)

A non-polarized broadband reflector realized by a series arrangement of a pair of polarized sub-wavelength gratings is disclosed. The device illustration includes a partially etched crystalline silicon film on a quartz substrate and an amorphous silicon film on glass. A single reflector shows an extremely wide spectral reflection band in one polarization state. By sequentially arranging two such reflectors in an orthogonal period, the resulting unpolarized spectral band exceeds the spectral band of each polarization band. In the disclosed prototype, the zero-order reflectance exceeds 97% under unpolarized light incident on a 500-nanometer wide wavelength band. This broadband represents a 44% fractional band in the near-infrared spectral band. The basic polarization sensitive reflector based on one-dimensional resonant grating is simple in design, stable in performance and easy to manufacture. Therefore, this technology is a promising alternative to traditional multilayer thin-film reflectors, especially under longer wavelength light, where multilayer deposition may not be feasible or practical.

Karlheinz Muth (Richardson, Texas)

Rockley Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Oxford, UK, UK)

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP (6 non-local offices)

16505674 on 07/08/2019 (released for 540 days)

System and method for packaging optical and electronic components. The module includes an electronic integrated circuit and a plurality of photonic integrated circuits, which are connected to the electronic integrated circuit by wire bonding or by wire bonding and other conductors. The metal cover of the module is in thermal contact with the electronic integrated circuit and helps to extract heat from the electronic integrated circuit. The optical fiber array is connected to the photonic integrated circuit.

Siva Kumar Sudani (Tucson, Arizona), Srinivas K. Pulijala (Tucson, Arizona), Vadim Valerievich Ivanov (Tucson, Arizona)

16058022 on 08/08/2018 (874 days application released)

The voltage regulator includes: a first transistor including a first terminal that receives an input voltage; and a second transistor including a first terminal coupled to a second terminal of the first transistor. The charge pump is coupled to the second transistor and the output voltage node. The amplifier receives the feedback voltage derived from the output voltage and generates a control signal to the gate of the transistor. In response to the input voltage being greater than the threshold value greater than the output voltage, the amplifier keeps the second transistor off and the first transistor on so that current flows through the first transistor to the output voltage node instead of the second transistor. In response to the input voltage being less than the threshold amount, the amplifier operates the first transistor in a triode mode and turns on the second transistor to provide current to the charge pump.

Nitin Agarwal (Bangalore, Indiana), Rajavelu Thinakaran (Bangalore, Indiana), Sumit Dubey (Bangalore, Indiana)

Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

16437946 on 06/11/2019 (application released 567 days old)

At least some embodiments are directed to a system that includes a capacitor coupled to a voltage supply rail and configured to carry a capacitor current including a first portion and a second portion. The capacitor current is alternating current (AC). The first current mirror component may be coupled to the capacitor and the voltage supply rail, and is configured to carry the first part of the capacitor current. The second current mirror component is coupled to the voltage supply rail and is configured to carry the second part of the capacitor current. The second part of the capacitor current is proportionally related to the first part of the capacitor current. The circuit is coupled to the second current mirror assembly. The capacitor and the first and second current mirror components are configured to attenuate common mode noise current flowing to the circuit.

Clive Bittlestone (Allen, TX), Joyce Kwong (Dallas, TX), Manish Goel (Plano, TX)

14816940 on 08/03/2015 (application released in 1975)

A method and apparatus for creating a physically unclonable function for SRAM are disclosed. An example method includes reducing the power supply voltage of the memory array to a first voltage level that is lower than the normal operating voltage associated with the memory array, and reading the bit after the power supply voltage has reached the voltage. The first value of the unit. The first voltage level, and the function is determined based on the first value and the second value of the bit cell. When the memory array is operated at a voltage level higher than the first voltage level, the second value is stored in the bit cell including the memory The identification of the circuit of the array.

Patrick A. La Fratta (McKinney, Texas)

Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, Idaho)

Brooks, Cameron Huebsch, PLLC (2 non-local offices)

16117356 on 08/30/2018 (852 days application released)

Describes devices and methods related to command selection strategies for electronic storage or storage. The priority of the command to the storage controller can be determined based on the type of command, the time when a command is received by another command, the time when a command is prepared to be issued to the storage device, or some combination of these factors. . For example, the memory controller may adopt a prepare first, first come first served (FRFCFS) strategy, in which certain types of commands (for example, read commands) have higher priority than other types of commands (for example, write commands). Based on the inter-command or inter-command dependency or relationship, the strategy can adopt exceptions to such FRFCFS strategy. An example may include: inserting commands into a priority queue based on the category corresponding to each command; and traversing multiple priority queues in order of priority to select the command to be issued.

Patrick Bossart (Plano, TX)

Barefoot Networks, Inc. (Santa Clara, California)

Compass Intellectual Property Law PC (1 non-local office)

16380978 on 04/10/2019 (629 days application released)

A method of detecting errors in a data plane of a packet forwarding element including multiple physical tri-state content addressable memories (TCAM) is provided. This method configures the first group of physical TCAMs as the first logical TCAM. This method configures the second group of physical TCAMs as the second logical TCAM. The second logical TCAM includes the same number of physical TCAMs as the first logical TCAM. This method programs the first and second logical TCAMs to store the same data set. This method requests specific content from the first and second logical TCAMs. When the first and second logical TCAMs do not produce the same search result, this method generates an error signal.

Christopher James Carlson (Denton, TX)

CloudFit Software, LLC (Redmond, Washington)

Lee Hayes, PC (6 non-local offices)

16718083 on 2019/12/17 (application released for 378 days)

Describes the technologies obtained through entities for monitoring the user experience of cloud-based services. The server computing device may use a cloud-based service to receive data associated with a component of the user device from a user device, where the data indicates a user experience associated with the user device when using the cloud. Based on service. The server computing device may use the rules and based at least in part on the data to monitor changes in the state of the user device. The server computing device can determine the occurrence of a trigger event associated with the remedial action based at least in part on the monitoring, and can implement the remedial action. As a result, the technology described herein achieves near real-time and, in some examples, automatic reporting and/or remediation to prevent and/or correct user device status changes that may lead to a poor user experience.

Steven Jeffrey Wallach (Dallas, Texas)

Greenberg Traurig (27 non-local offices)

16356146 on 03/18/2019 (652 days application released)

Vector processor with vector priority and multi-lane configuration. The vector operation of the vector processor can include a single vector or multiple vectors as input. Multiple input channels can be used to speed up parallel operation. And, vector-first configuration can enhance multiple channels by reducing the number of elements that are accessed in a channel to perform operations in parallel.

Ravi Jagannatha (Plano, Texas)

Muncy, Geissler, Olds Lowe, PC (2 non-local offices)

15712325 on September 22, 2017 (1194 days old application)

The system and method for data query and investigation using an exemplary highly atomized segmented queryable data system (HASIDS) includes: receiving a source set of data elements, and combining a public key with at least a subset of the data element source set Are associated with each. One or more unary key sets are generated, where each unary key set corresponds to one of the data elements of the subset, and each unary key set is one-dimensional and includes a public key. HASIDS allows flexible query and efficient storage and processing of unary key sets.

Duncan Hall (Edinburgh, UK), Rui Xiao (San Jose, California), Yioyong Yang (San Jose, California)

STMicroelectronics, Inc. (Coper, Texas)

Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP (1 non-local office)

16356344 on 03/18/2019 (652 days application released)

An electronic device includes a time-of-flight sensor configured to sense the distance between the electronic device and at least one object near the electronic device. The processing circuit is coupled to the time-of-flight sensor and controls access to the electronic device based on the sensed distance. The electronic device may include a digital camera, and the processing circuit controls the digital camera to perform facial or iris recognition using the sensing distance from the time-of-flight sensor.

Kishore Doppalapudi (Frisco, TX), Naveen Teja Koduru (Frisco, TX), Ramesh Parvataneni (Frisco, TX)

Capital One Services, LLC (McLean, Virginia)

Banner Witcoff, Ltd. (3 non-local offices)

16793484 on 02/18/2020 (315 days application released)

This article describes methods and systems for data tokenization to provide protection for sensitive data. The tokenized service controller can extract sensitive data by determining a pattern that identifies which fields contain sensitive data. The token can be generated corresponding to each instance of the extracted sensitive data. The tokenized service controller may then generate a tokenized data set that includes a plurality of tokenized records arranged according to the same format as the original record, wherein the tokenized record uses the generated token instead of the corresponding Sensitive data.

Cynthia Jackson (Dallas, Texas)

Sanchelima Associates, Pennsylvania (1 non-local office)

16555021 on 2019/08/29 (application issued for 488 days)

This document discloses an attendance monitoring system for monitoring the presence of children in a vehicle. The attendance monitoring system includes a processor and a memory installed in the processor. In addition, the attendance monitoring system includes a card reader installed at the entrance of the vehicle. The card reader includes a first actuator and a second actuator. The attendance monitoring system also includes multiple ID cards, each of which is configured to uniquely identify the child. When entering the vehicle, the first actuator is actuated by the child, and when leaving the vehicle, the second actuator is actuated by the child. In addition, the card reader sends a signal to the processor when it detects the ID card associated with the child and activates the first actuator and the second actuator. The processor is used to monitor the presence of children in the vehicle based on the number of detected ID cards.

John N. Tran (Austin, Texas)

Slater Matsil, LLP (local + 1 other metro area)

16581019 on 2019/09/24 (462 days application released)

One method includes providing a power package (PSP) that includes a power supply, an RFID tag, and a power switch, wherein the control terminal of the power switch is coupled to the output terminal of the RFID tag, and the load path terminal. The power switch is coupled between the output terminal of the PSP and the first terminal of the power supply, wherein the control register of the RFID tag is pre-programmed with a first value, so that the RFID tag is configured to generate a first control signal to turn off the power switch; the RFID tag Receiving the second value of the control register of the RFID tag; and writing the second value into the control register of the RFID tag through the RFID tag, so that the RFID tag is configured to generate a second control signal, which turns on the power switch .

Douglas Slattery (McKinney, Texas)

Capital One Services, Inc. (McLean, Virginia)

Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP (location not found)

16357878 on 03/19/2019 (651 days of application release)

The embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for separating characters associated with ligatures in digitized documents. The system and method provide a ligature detection engine configured to recognize ligatures, and a ligature processing engine configured to recognize and remove glyphs attached with individual characters that form ligatures.

Kumar Desappan (Bangalore, Indiana), Manu Mathew (Bangalore, Indiana), Pramod Kumar Swami (Bangalore, Indiana), Praveen Eppa (Hyderabad, Indiana)

16028773 on 07/06/2018 (application released for 907 days)

A method for dynamically quantifying the feature map of the received image. The method includes convolution of the image based on the predicted maximum value, the predicted minimum value, the trained kernel weight and the image data. The input data is quantized based on the predicted minimum value and the predicted maximum value. The output of the convolution is calculated into the accumulator and requantized. The requantized value is output to the external memory. The predicted minimum value and the predicted maximum value are calculated based on the previous maximum value and the minimum value with a weighted average value or a predetermined formula. The initial minimum and maximum values ​​are calculated based on known quantization methods and used to initialize the predicted minimum and maximum values ​​during the quantization process.

Brent McFlynn (Plano, TX)

STURFEE, INC. (Sunnyvale, California)

Rimon Law (2 non-local offices)

15944766 on 04/03/2018 (1001 days of application released)

Visual data is used to locate the device in the real world. By matching the camera view of the device with a computer-generated view of the area surrounding the location, the location and orientation of the device can be detected. Build a computer-generated view of the area by combining various remote sensing geospatial data (including satellite images, aerial LIDAR, map data, GIS inventory data, etc.). In various embodiments, the disclosed system can not only locate the device, but can also provide a measurement about the location the user is looking at and a 3D measurement of the scene in the camera view of the device. In various embodiments, the present invention enables devices to have systems that provide spatial intelligence to any camera.

Duncan L MacFarlane (Dallas, Texas), Mitchell A Thornton (Dallas, Texas), Timothy P. LaFave, Jr. (Dallas, Texas)

BRA-KET SCIENCE, INC. (Austin, Texas)

Intellectual Property Law Group (1 non-local office)

16748481 on January 21, 2020 (343 days of application release)

An embodiment of a quantum ring oscillator-based coherent holding circuit including cascade stages is described. This embodiment of the quantum ring oscillator-based coherent preservation circuit allows long-term storage of the internal (superimposed) quantum state information of the preserved qubits, and provides measurement and potential correction for deterministic and non-deterministic errors Options without causing interference. Quantum information stored in the structure itself.

Michael Fisher Lloyd (McKinney, Texas), Michael Lee Clayhammer (Grapevine, Texas)

FISERV, INC. (Brookfield, Wisconsin)

16412814 on 05/15/2019 (594 days of application release)

A system, method and computer-readable medium for event queue allocation and prioritization are disclosed. The event processing system can receive a request for the next highest priority event. You can determine the incident that needs to be resolved. The event may be associated with the event queue based at least in part on queue allocation rules. The event queue can include one or more events. The event queue may be processed based at least in part on a priority ordering rule to identify the next highest priority event from one or more events associated with the event queue. The event processing system can send the next highest priority event associated with the event queue.

Ajmal Karuthakantakath (Flower Hills, Texas), Chandra Dhandapani (Dallas, Texas), Fredrick Crable (Allen, Texas), Gurmeet Singh (Irving, Texas), Nicholas Dolle (McKinney, Texas), Raman Bajaj (Fall, Texas) Risco), Sanjiv Yajnik (Dallas, Texas)

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett Dunner LLP (9 non-local offices)

16192167 on 11/15/2018 (775 days application released)

The disclosed embodiments provide systems and technologies for large-scale execution of analysis models for customers, collaterals, transaction structures, third parties, and other data related to real-time prediction of optimal decisions across multiple dimensions. In some embodiments, the disclosed systems and techniques increase the speed of decision making by reducing the computational load on the disclosed decision system. The further disclosed systems and technologies can horizontally scale analysis modeling calculations through an advanced execution environment that is asynchronous and non-blocking in nature, in addition to other technical solutions, to allow parallel execution of multiple analysis models and optimize results.

Daryl Day (Frisco, Texas), Richard K. Hoofard (Dallas, Texas)

ASSA ABLOY entrance system company (Landskrona, SE)

Perkins Coie LLP (17 non-local offices)

16199729 on 11/26/2018 (764 days application released)

The automatic docking station maintenance system can monitor the status of the docking station and/or docking station components, analyze the status to determine whether it meets the maintenance conditions of one or more maintenance measures, and enable the corresponding maintenance measures to be satisfied when the maintenance conditions are met. carried out. In some embodiments, the control panel can track the loading/unloading cycle of the trailer at the docking station. When the number of cycles reaches the threshold for performing services on the docking station, the control panel can automatically initiate service operations. Certain service operations can be initiated by issuing maintenance or parts requests, sending control signals to control panels or docking station components, and/or sending messages to other personnel or providing remote control.

Xu Mingze (Plano, Texas)

VISIONX, LLC (Cupertino, California)

Adler Pollock Sheehan PC (1 non-local office)

16049707 on 07/30/2018 (883 days of application release)

The disclosed computer-implemented method for automatic surface inspection based on artificial intelligence may include receiving customer data, a request for a target model, and compensation for the requested target model. Compensation can include agreements to contribute customer data and/or target models for use by other third-party entities. The method may also include retrieving a pre-trained model from a pre-trained model library. The pre-trained model can be related to objects in the secondary industry. The method may include generating a target model from the pre-trained model and customer data. The target model can be related to mapping sensor data to surface anomalies. The method may also include providing the target model to a third-party entity. The method may further include updating the distributed blockchain structure to include at least one of customer data and target models.

Rajitha Dissanayake (Frisco, TX), Tuan Dao (Richardson, TX), Yunchul Bryan Jeon (Plano, TX)

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA (New York, NY)

Greenberg Traurig LLP (19 non-local offices)

16220924 on 2018/12/14 (application released for 746 days)

A system and method for token and transaction management are disclosed. According to an embodiment, in an issuer wallet server including at least one computer processor, a method for token and transaction management may include: