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P-type N-type field effect tube MOS tube Multiple models Brand supplier Pingshang Technology

P-type N-type field effect tube MOS tube Multiple models Brand supplier Pingshang Technology

Pingshang Technology's main SMD transistor series, the main categories are: SMD diodes, SMD transistors, FETs and MOS transistors. Free samples, provided for life! 13622673179

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Physically speaking, the scope of transistor is very large. It is a solid semiconductor device with multiple functions such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage stabilization, and signal modulation.Pingshang Technology's main SMD transistor series,The main categories are:SMD diodes, SMD transistors, field effect tubes and MOS tubes. Free samples, provided for life!

The field effect tube (FET) converts the input voltage change into the output current change.The gain of a FET is equal to its transconductance, defined as the ratio of the change in output current to the change in input voltage.The common ones on the market are generally N-channel and P-channel.

The commonly used packages for SMD MOS tubes are SOT-23, SOT-523, SOT-323, TO-252, TO-263, etc.

Commonly used mos tube model:

2N7002 SOT-23 2N7002K SOT-23 2N7002E SOT-23 2N7002T SOT-523 2N7002W SOT-323 A03401 SOT-23 AO3400 SOT23 AO3415A SOT-23 SI2300 SOT-23 SI2301 SOT-23 SI2302 SOT-23 SI2305 SOT-23 IRFR3518 TO-252 IRLR3110Z TO-252 IRLR2908 TO-252 2N60 TO-252 4N60 TO-252 5N20 TO-252 FQB6N60C TO-263 IRF830AS TO-263 and other models.

MOS tube brands generally include: Changdian Fairchild VISHAY IR ON and so on.

FET supplier consultation hotline: 400-0035-559

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