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Free supply of SMD magnetic beads test samples

Free supply of SMD magnetic beads test samples

There are complete types of conventional models, including: SMD magnetic beads, SMD low-frequency magnetic beads, SMD high-frequency magnetic beads, SMD ordinary current magnetic beads, SMD high-current magnetic beads, etc.; conventional parameter products are available in stock.

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Pingshang Electronic Technology is mainly engaged in chip magnetic beads. Phone: (86)400 003 5559

Volume:0805 1206  0402 0201  0603  1210 1808 1812 1825 2220 2225…


1. Internal silver printing layer and magnetic shielding structure to minimize crosstalk;

2. It can suppress electromagnetic interference in a wide frequency range (from tens to hundreds of MHz);

3. Three types of materials and a wide range of impedance values for various applications;

4. High solderability and heat sensitivity, high reliability, wide filtering frequency;

5. Computers and other electrical equipment and peripheral equipment with noise suppression low-rate signals, video cameras, LCD TVs, communication equipment, office equipment, etc.

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