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High precision SMD resistor related parameters

High precision SMD resistor related parameters

resistor:0R—500M 0Ω—22MΩ full range

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Precision resistor

SMD components have the advantages of small size, light weight, high-density installation, strong impact resistor, strong anti-interference ability, and good high-frequency characteristics.Suitable for power supplies, LED lights, instrumentation, medical equipment, stage lighting, household appliances, broadband networks, security, fitness equipment, computer peripherals, outdoor lighting, communications, digital, automotive electronics, large equipment and other fields.

The ultra-low resistor of the alloy is in line with high-power electrical characteristics, and special alloys with high purity, high thermal conductivity, low TCR and high temperature resistor are used to meet customer needs. The high thermal conductivity material can greatly reduce the heat dissipation area on the circuit board, and it is integrated without cutting Structure, can reach almost no inductance value, resistor value range: 0.25mohm-200mohm. Accuracy ±0.5%±1%2%5%, TCR50ppm/℃, size 1206, 2010, 2512, 2725, 2728.Mainly used in laptop computers, motherboards, electrical control panels, mobile phones and various charger control panels, power protection circuits, power converters, power control panels, etc.

Precision resistor


resistor:0R—500M  0Ω—22MΩ full range




1. resistor error is ±0.5%, temperature coefficient is ±50ppm/℃;

2. Small size and light weight;

3. Adapt to reflow soldering and wave soldering;

4. Stable electrical performance and high reliability;

5. The assembly cost is low, and it is matched with the automatic mounting equipment;

6. High mechanical strength and superior high frequency characteristics;

7. Meet ROHS directive requirements.

8. Application areas include handheld products, computer products, industrial and medical instruments, etc.;

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