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Wurth releases 'performance' grade 1206 SMD energy storage chokes

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Wurth has added a high saturation current version to its WE-PD series of "1206" surface-mounted shielded energy storage chokes-see the picture for the appearance of the entire series.

Marked by "1260P" ("P" represents performance parts in the PD series), these parts use different core materials. The numbers indicate the size of the part-12 x 12mm and 6mm high in footprint.

The company said: "Due to its MnZn magnetic core, the storage choke provides the highest ferrite-based saturation current and features low Rdc." "The'standard' and'rugged' series have nickel-zinc cores. ." (For saturation current and resistance, see the table below)

There are 18 types of E6 steps ranging from 1.5µH to 1,000µH (see table).

These inductors meet the requirements of AEC-Q-200, and some inductors can operate at frequencies up to 5MHz.

Wurth said that it is expected to be used in DC-DC converters and switch controllers with output power from 10mW to 300W.

The operating temperature range is -40°C to +150°C.


-Click "1206P" in the table to view only the new components


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