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Ultracapacitor, Responding Mementary Blackouts for UPS

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◎High power and low density (low ESR)

◎More than 500,000 cycles of cycle life (semi-permanent)

◎Suitable for UPS, AGV, renewable energy applications

◎Comply with RoHS / WEEE / REACH

VINATech's supercapacitors have been used in energy, automotive and industrial fields. VINATech's energy and industrial technologies include a variety of solutions from supercapacitors and fuel cells to efficiently use energy.

Snap In supercapacitors range from 100 farad capacitors in a 22 mm x 45 mm (D x L) tank to 500 farad capacitors in a 35 mm x 82 mm (D x L) tank, and will be mass-produced in multiple locations ; VINATech will provide services to many customers with the best customer service and reasonable delivery time.

Compared with lithium ion secondary batteries, Hy-Cap supercapacitors have higher power density, higher charge/discharge efficiency, wide operating temperature range and longer service life. Hy-Cap supercapacitors can store a large amount of electrical energy by physically adsorbing and desorbing the charge on the surface of activated carbon, and then provide a large current immediately or continuously. VINATech supercapacitors are environmentally friendly energy storage devices with high power density and long life. Hy-Cap will be an ideal choice for responding to instantaneous power failures of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and compensating for peak power to compensate for the pitch of wind turbines. .

Since 2010, VINATech has launched a 3.0V electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) for the first time in mass production in the industry. Compared with 2.7V EDLC, the energy density has increased by 23%. VINATech’s Pulse Capacitor (VPC) was recently launched with an operating voltage range of 2.5V to 3.8V. Especially in the field of radial supercapacitors 1F to 1,000F supercapacitors, we are equipped with world-class smart factory production technology.

Custom-designed super capacitor module of VINATech R&D department

Hy-Cap, Snap In series supercapacitors provide a capacitance range of 100 farads to 500 farads, and rated voltages of 2.7V and 3.0V. VINATech R&D laboratory and module team provide custom-designed series or parallel supercapacitor modules.

◎Learn more about the 3v Snap Incapacitor data sheet on our website

◎Learn more about the 2.7v snapshot supercapacitor data sheet on our website

VINATech's embedded supercapacitors can provide more than 500,000 cycles of cycle life (semi-permanent), high power density, and low ESR. The Snap In supercapacitor data sheet is available on our website, and contact us to customize the design or detailed information about the supercapacitor module. Most companies involved in the global supply chain and multi-site manufacturing companies, therefore, the Vietnam VINATech factory, Jeonju R&D laboratory and Jeonju production line will provide quality services to valued customers around the world.

About VINATech

Founded in 1999, VINATech has developed and produced electric double layer capacitors (EDLC, such as supercapacitors or supercapacitors) and fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies. The equipment is equipped with smart factory-based production facilities with the highest level of automation to ensure the world First-class quality level in range. Call +82 31 448 3066 or contact us for supercapacitor solutions, please visit our website for more information.

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