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Thick-film chip resistor has high sulfur resistance


Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced a series of thick film chip resistors that combine advanced sulfur resistance, good pulse load performance and high power ratings.

Taking into account automotive and industrial applications, the structure of the resistors that meet the requirements of AEC-Q200 meets the requirements of ASTM B809‑95, has the ability to resist sulfur, and has been tested for 1000 hours at a high temperature of 90°C.

The resistor is designed to withstand high pulses and repetitive pulses, and provides a rated power of 1.5 W.

The RCA-HP e3 series resistors are available in 0 sizes (0402 to 2512).

These devices have a resistance range of 1Ω to 1MΩ, tolerances of ±1% and ±5%, TCR of ±100 ppm/K and ±200 ppm/K, and an operating voltage range of 50 V to 500V.

These halogen-free resistors have single-sided (0402) or double-sided (0603 to 2512) printed resistor elements with protective coating. These devices provide pure tin plating and are compatible with lead-free (Pb) and lead-containing soldering processes.


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