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Temporada 4 de The Division 2: Warlords of New York, Faye Lau regresa

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So many people who betrayed the department must be for some purpose, right?

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Season 4

Through this new trailer, we discover that an old friend is back again: Liu Fei. She was the former division commander, betrayed the organization, and led four other former agents to become part of Heifangya.

At the end of the video, we can see the calendar, which contains everything that this season will arrive month by month. We have new hunting targets, participating leagues and special events.

The new target is Liu Fei's deputy, and we must find them one by one to face their leader. The first of these is Víbora, now available:

We can also participate in four special leagues in season 4

. We can improve their rankings through different activities to get rewards.

We will also host four events with special modifiers, a season pass that provides additional rewards for each level reached, and clothing events where we can get exclusive cosmetics.

For its part, due to tactical challenges and promotions, the summit mode will have a new advanced system. New and exotic products such as capacitor assault rifles, Scorpio Shot guns and wave holsters have also come out.


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