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Rumors of Kirin 9010 built on 3 nm surface, but that's not happening (this year) - GSMArena.com news

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Weibo is shocked that Huawei's HiSilicon is in the advanced stage of developing its next-generation chipset, which will be manufactured at the 3nm node. The source seems to be the leaker

, The chip is called Kirin 9010.

Although Huawei (and all other chipset manufacturers) are undoubtedly making plans for the future of 3nm, these are indeed future plans, not plans later this year – TSMC says it plans to start mass production in the second half of 2022 3nm chip. TSMC is the most likely foundry for the next generation of Kirin chips, especially if it is to be built on cutting-edge nodes.

In any case, TSMC's 3nm node, or what the company calls "N3", left a deep impression. It will increase the transistor density by 70%, which is very important because modern chipsets already have more than 10 billion transistors.

According to forecasts, the new node will save 25% to 30% of power consumption, while performance will be moderately improved by 10% to 15%. But this is just for simple chip shrinkage, and chipsets built on N3 will be faster because the new node allows more transistors to be stuffed into the chip.

Therefore, don't pay attention to the rumors that Huawei P50 will use Kirin 9010. If there is such a chip, it is unlikely to appear at first glance, it is certainly not part of 3nm.

In addition, TSMC is developing an N4 process, which will be put into mass production in early 2022. We will definitely see some N4 chipsets before the N3 chipsets arrive.


I do agree that this may be a feasible plan, but my best guess is that the best Chinese fab technology is still on 5nm, please don’t get me wrong, I read your text, And I can’t agree with most of what you said, it’s just the Samsung plan that I released about...

Probably, Samsung has conducted research on this and successfully produced a 3nm demo. As of this article as of 2019, Ion has high expectations for this, because the process of Samsung fab has never been quite good, and tsmc has always. .....

Well, if it is available now, then everyone will switch to Huawei.