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ROHM’s New Nano Cap™ Power Supply Technology Significantly Reduces Capacitance JAPAN EXCHANGE GROUP:6963.T

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June 24, 2020, Kyoto, Japan and Santa Clara, California (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-

 Announced the development of Nano Cap™ power supply technology, which can ensure stable control of power circuits in the automotive and industrial fields-even with the use of ultra-small nF capacitors (Nano: 10


People’s awareness of sustainable energy consumption continues to increase, leading to greater electrification in various applications. Especially in the automotive field, as the development of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology promotes technological innovation, the number of electrical components continues to increase. Each of these electrical applications requires various voltage sources, all of which are stabilized by capacitors. This has led to increased demand for external components, increased PCB size, and increased bill of materials cost. 

With the development of ultra-high-speed pulse control technology Nano Pulse Control™ and ultra-low current technology Nano Energy™, ROHM has added a third Nano power technology, Nano Cap™, which reduces the number of external capacitors required for linear regulators. .

In a circuit usually composed of a linear regulator and an MCU, the output of the linear regulator usually requires a 1uF capacitor, and the input of the MCU usually requires a 100nF capacitor. However, the ROHM linear regulator developed with Nano Cap™ technology, which is developed by combining analog expertise covering circuit design, layout, and process, eliminates the need for capacitors at the output of the regulator, and only requires a 100nF input capacitor You can ensure stable work. By reducing the number of capacitors and the capacitance required for power circuits in automobiles and other fields, ROHM helps minimize circuit design loads.

In addition, samples of operational amplifiers using Nano Cap™ technology have been partially released. Linear regulators using Nano Cap™ technology and LED drivers with built-in Nano Cap™ regulators are scheduled to be released in 2020.

ROHM is committed to further strengthening the development of nano hats

 The technology that completely eliminates the need for capacitors, and at the same time, not only expands the use of this technology to linear regulators, but also expands the use of operational amplifiers, LED drivers, and other analog ICs. They minimize the use of resources by effectively using resources. Environmental load, thus contributing to society.

Nano Cap™ power supply technology refers to the ultra-stable control technology achieved by using ROHM's vertically integrated production system, combined with advanced analog expertise covering circuit design, process, and layout. Optimized control eliminates the operational stability issues related to analog circuit capacitors, thereby shortening the design time for widespread applications in automobiles, industrial equipment, consumer and other fields.

Nano Cap provides stable linear regulator output control by improving the response of analog circuits while minimizing parasitic factors related to wiring and amplifiers, thereby reducing the output capacitance to less than 1/10 of the traditional solution.

As a result, as mentioned above, a circuit composed of a linear regulator and an MCU usually requires a 1uF capacitor at the output of the linear regulator and a 100nF capacitor at the input of the MCU. Therefore, Rohm’s Nano Cap™ linear regulator technology only needs to be used to achieve stable operation. There is a 100nF capacitor on the MCU side.

According to industry requirements, the maximum output voltage fluctuation is ±5.0%. (In the case of focusing only on fluctuations) Compared with the 50mA load current fluctuation with 100nF capacitor, compared with the conventional linear regulator, the chip equipped with Nano Cap™ can achieve stable operation of ±3.6% in the evaluation, while the traditional linearity The output voltage of the regulator can vary as much as ± 15.6%.

ROHM has established nanopower technology by combining its proprietary analog expertise and using a vertically integrated production system to combine circuit design, process and layout. The following are other nano power technologies centered on the power IC developed by ROHM, which help solve application problems in various products.

Refers to ROHM’s ultra-high-speed pulse control technology for power ICs. This technology can achieve on-time (control width of power IC) on the order of nanoseconds (ns), so that the following methods can be used to convert from high voltage to low voltage: Single IC-different from conventional solutions that require 2 or more power supply ICs. From mild hybrid vehicles and industrial robots to secondary power supplies for base stations, this helps to achieve greater miniaturization and system simplification in 48V applications.

This ultra-low current technology achieves no-load current consumption in the nA range by minimizing the trade-off in reducing current consumption under ultra-light loads. Therefore, the single button battery required by the IoT market may be driven for 10 years, thereby supporting the long-term operation of compact battery-driven applications (including portable devices, wearable devices and the Internet of Things).

For more information, please refer to ROHM's analog power webpage (URL below):

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