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Protection diodes for automotive CAN-FD

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Nexperia announced the launch of AEC-Q101-compliant lead-free ESD protection devices for automotive CAN-FD applications

They are:

The 0.48mm high package has side wettable sides, which can be automatically inspected during the production process, and occupies a smaller area than the SOT23 or SOT323 package.

The clamping voltage at 1A is 33V, which the company claims is the lowest in the industry, with a dynamic resistance of 0.7Ω. It claims: "Nexperia ESD protection devices also provide very good RF switching parameters, with a mixed-mode insertion loss of +20dB at 300 MHz, achieving excellent signal integrity."

To dissipate heat, the package has an enlarged internal lead frame that includes a heat sink and a thermal pad.

Lukas Droemer, Nexperia product manager, said: "The PESD2CANFDx series meets all CAN-FD specifications and exceeds the requirements of AEC-Q101 by twice."

In addition to protecting CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay and SENT interfaces in vehicles, industrial applications including LVDS protection can also be foreseen.

The company has a


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