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MPS and EPC target data centre with eGaN transistor-based products

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Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) uses Efficient Power Conversion (EPC)’s eGaN transistors to launch a new series of 48 V – 6V digital DC-DC power modules for 48 V data center products.

These power modules are targeted at high-density computing and data centers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and multi-user gaming applications.

MPC1100-54-0000 is the first product in the new product series. It will include modules in LLC topology using eGaN FETs, occupying only 27 mm x 18 mm x 6 mm footprint under 48 V voltage, thereby achieving The overall efficiency is over 97%. – 6 V conversion.

The main advantages of 48 V – 6 V front-end conversion include enabling a high-frequency secondary, which is small enough to be placed closer to the xPU / ASIC / GPU, thus reducing power loss by 4 compared to normal power Times. STC topology for 48V – 12V conversion.

For high-density server applications, simple, low-cost topologies (such as LLC DC-DC converters) can be used to achieve recording power density and efficiency. The combination of low gate charge of eGaN FET and 5 V gate operating voltage can produce very low gate power consumption, ultra-low on-resistance and low output capacitance charge, so it is very suitable for LLC converters.

The power range of these modules is from 300 W to 1000 W and can be expanded to adapt to various high current and high power applications. Customers can add up to three modules to meet higher power requirements, or down to one or two modules to meet lower power requirements.

EPC CEO Alex Lidow said: “Advanced computing applications place higher demands on power converters, while silicon-based power conversion cannot keep up. “We are very happy to work with MPS, a leader in this field, to GaN is used in its modules, allowing customers to increase efficiency, reduce size and reduce system costs for 48 V power conversion. "

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