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Miniature and high-CV tantalum chip capacitors optimised for automotive applications

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AVX offers a series of high-CV resin molded, surface-mount tantalum chip capacitors. These capacitors have a miniature and compact face-down design that has been optimized for automotive electronics applications. The new F98-AJ6 series capacitors are available in miniature 0603 and 0805 chip sizes, with a maximum height of only 1mm and 0.8±0.1mm, respectively, and provide face-down under-chip terminations, aiming to achieve high capacitance, high volume efficiency and high PCB assembly Density, and helps to save board space and reduce costs. This series also provides the industry's smallest and highest CV 0603 tantalum capacitors, with a rated capacity of 10μF/10V, and meets the requirements of AEC-Q200. It is not affected by the DC capacitance/voltage dependence experienced by MLCC, is lead-free compatible and RoHS .

"Our F98 series tantalum capacitor family has a history of providing excellent performance. Therefore, we are honored to continue this tradition by releasing the new F98-AJ6 series tantalum SMD chip capacitors, which have the smallest and highest CV 0603 tantalum capacitors in the market. Shanghai currently provides products with a rating of 10μF/10V.” AVX Product Marketing Manager Allen Mayar said. "The new F98-AJ6 series capacitors have been tested and verified to provide high capacitance and high volume efficiency in various secondary power line circuits in automotive applications, and have a miniature, thin package with a face-down under-chip. To help improve performance and save a lot of space."

Typical applications for this device include auxiliary power line circuits in automotive applications, such as infotainment and cabin electronic systems, camera modules and digital milling machines, and certain industrial applications.

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