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Nowadays, light-emitting diode (LED) lights have become more and more popular. This type of lamp can be found not only in standard factory cars, but also as an after-sales accessory. These are types

And its function.

Based on its use, Anggi Subono, the fixer used to modify the Axcel Mod lamp expert, explains several types

The standards and their names are as follows:


Standard size T10 can be used in all cars with a socket width of 10 mm, usually T10 is usually used as a sign light (turn signal light, curl, flashing, etc.), panel indicator light

, Twilight lights and license plate lights. The options are different, there are 1 eye, 3 eyes, 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 12 eyes, 18 eyes and 21 eyes. The various types are SMD 5050, SMD 5630, SMD 3528 and SMD 1210. 


The 20mm T20 is especially suitable for the sign lights, reversing lights and brake lights of European cars.

Ceiling light 

The interior lighting does not need very bright lighting, only lighting is required to read books or find fallen coins.

Types of

The lighting characteristics are weak, which is most suitable for white, bright and clean. For the market itself, there are various sizes, from the smallest (3x3 SMD 5050 LED) to the largest (8x3 SMD 5050). 

Angel eyes

This type of LED is more suitable for color accessory lights. The circle around the headlights of the car is intense and stylish.

FloodLihgt (highlighted)

This kind of spotlight is specially used for headlights. The lamp itself is an energy-saving high-power LED type that can provide a bright white color. 

LED 1156

A metal connector of the socket 1156, used to reverse the signature on the car. 

LED 1157

Two metal connectors of socket 1157 are used for car brake lights.