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Global and China Automotive Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Markets 2020-2026 - Some Vendors have Pivoted to the Automotive MLCC Market

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As one of the most widely used passive components, MLCC occupies approximately 40% of the capacitor market. MLCC has been widely used in communications, consumer electronics, automotive and military fields. The strong demand in these fields has prompted the expanding MLCC market.

Consumer electronics (especially smart phones, which account for 39% of total consumption) consume approximately 64% of MLCC. As far as the iPhone is concerned, smart phones with higher configurations use more MLCCs. For example, iPhone X requires as many as 1100 MLCCs compared to the 400-piece iPhone 5S. In addition, in recent years, portable and smart wearable devices such as TWS earphones and smart watches have attracted widespread market attention, resulting in a large demand for MLCC.

As the commercial use of 5G is developing rapidly, smartphones supporting 5G will have more MLCCs than 4G. For example, use MLCC to increase Sub-6Ghz 5G smartphones by 10%-15% and mmWave 5G mobile phones by 20%-30%. At the same time, the higher power consumption of 5G smartphones further promotes the demand for high-capacity, low-power high-end, micro/ultra-micro (0201, 01005, etc.) MLCCs.

During the rapid construction of 5G in 2020, compared with 4G, there will be more 5G base stations to be built, and each such MLCC will have a larger number. These are two factors that are increasing the demand for MLCC. By 2023, the demand for MLCC in global communication base stations will be 2.1 times that of 2019

. At the same time, the Internet of Things (IoT), which requires more stable connections, will be the beneficiaries of low-latency 5G networks. A VENKEL study shows that an average terminal needs more than 75 MLCCs. It can be foreseen from this that more and more interconnected IOT devices will undoubtedly stimulate the growth of the MLCC market.

The development of new energy vehicles and ADAS has pushed MLCC to a new blue ocean. An ordinary car requires about 3,000 or 4,000 MLCC, while a hybrid/plug-in hybrid car requires about 12,000, and an electric car requires about 18,000.

In the vehicle electronic system, ADAS using more MLCC can collect, detect, identify and track the change data inside and outside the vehicle through the sensors on the vehicle in the shortest time, and use it in combination to help the driver pay attention to correctness and safety Operate the potentially dangerous navigation map data for calculation and analysis. The wider coverage of 5G networks will be another solution to the delay problem. As more and more vehicles are equipped with more intelligent ADAS, the demand for MLCC will increase exponentially.

New energy vehicles with more control modules (such as ECU) require more passive components to support the electronic system, while new energy vehicles require at least 10,000 MLCC. In recent years, with the introduction of a timetable for the elimination of ICE vehicles on a global scale, new energy vehicles have a higher penetration rate, coupled with the increase in the use of MLCC by a single vehicle, which has stimulated the demand for automotive MLCC.

In a variety of automotive MLCC models, the size range used is 0402 to 2220, and the most used are 0603, 0805 and 1206. Although the size of the MLCC is not concerned, the automotive market has high requirements for safety parameters (reliability, service life and failure rate) as well as operating temperature, humidity, climate and vibration resistance. The automotive market poses a high barrier to entry for MLCC, and must comply with a series of automotive standards (AEC-Q200) and pass quality certification.

In the MLCC market, leading manufacturers include Murata, Samsung Electronics, Yageo, Walsin Technology,

, TDK, Kyocera and Mainland China companies such as Fenghua Advanced Technology and Chaozhou Sanhuan. Since 2016, MLCC suppliers such as Murata and TDK have rarely shifted to focus on automotive MLCC, which is a promising and lucrative high-tech market. This move disrupted the global passive component supply chain, causing low-end customers to turn to companies such as Yageo, Fenghua Advanced Technology and Chaozhou Sanhuan.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the world's largest MLCC supplier (approximately 56% of the automotive MLCC market), with an annual production capacity of about 1,100 billion. In recent years, the company has reduced the production capacity of low-end MLCCs while increasing the production of automobiles and other high-end products. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has accelerated the development and mass production of MLCC for high-end consumer electronic products, as well as the release of automotive products. In 2019, Murata began spawning 008004, which will be used in 5G flagship phones of Apple and Huawei. in

, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began mass production of two new automotive multilayer ceramic capacitors-NFM15HC105D0G3, which is the world’s smallest 0402 size (1.00.5mm) three-terminal low ESL multilayer ceramic capacitor, and NFM18HC106D0G3, which has three terminals Low ESL multilayer ceramic capacitors have the world's highest 10F capacitance in 0603 size (1.60.8 mm), suitable for ADAS and autonomous driving.

In recent years, Samsung Electromechanical, which ranks second in the MLCC market share (ranked fourth in the automotive MLCC market, with a share of about 6%) has also followed closely, such as squeezing low-end production capacity and accelerating deployment. High-end products. in

, The company has developed five new types of MLCC, including three types for power systems and two types for anti-lock braking systems, which will be introduced to global automakers in the future. Except in

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is advancing the construction of a new plant in Mexico


In view of its disadvantages in the MLCC of consumer electronic products, TDK cancelled the order of 700 million MLCCs covering approximately 360 models and committed to mid-to-high-end products in 2017. This is the first initiative for TDK to seize market share. Companies exploring the automotive MLCC market. About 25% of the shares.

In recent years, MLCC suppliers in mainland China have made rapid progress, especially Fenghua Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few complete MLCC suppliers in China that provides MLCCs covering 01005-2220 and above specifications. Technical process has advantages; but it is still aimed at consumer electronics. The company launched products that meet the AEC-Q200 standard in 2018, but due to its weak foundation, it still does not pose a threat to its Japanese and Korean counterparts.

Since 2018, traditional car manufacturers around the world have begun large-scale deployment of electric car manufacturing, and governments have also proposed a timetable for phasing out ICE cars. Since the number of MLCCs used in electric vehicles is 6 times the number of MLCCs in ordinary cars, MLCCs are bound to be highly sought after. Hundreds of automakers need automotive MLCCs provided by only a few automotive MLCC suppliers, which inevitably leads to a tight supply of automotive MLCCs in the next two or three years. This is an important issue for any car that is ready for electric vehicle capacity expansion. It is a huge challenge vehicle for manufacturers, and even an impossible task for emerging car manufacturers, because leading MLCC suppliers will give priority to major car manufacturers. Finally, MLCCs from secondary suppliers may cause quality problems and huge maintenance costs.

MLCC industry (definition, classification, industry chain, technology trend, etc.);

Global and Chinese MLCC market (scale and forecast, competitive landscape, market segmentation, etc.);

Automotive MLCC market (scale and forecast, competition mode, etc.);

Leading automotive MLCC supplier

And other aspects (configuration files, operations, business, new products, etc.);

Upstream MLCC formula supplier (profile, operation, business, new products, etc.)

1.1 Capacitor

1.1.1 Classification of capacitors

1.1.2 Comparison between capacitors

1.1.3 Market share trends of various capacitors

1.2 MLCC

1.2.1 Classification of MLCC

1.2.2 MLCC manufacturing process

1.2.3 MLCC model

1.2.4 MLCC Industry Chain

1.3 Development Trend

2.1 MLCC market

2.1.1 Global MLCC Shipments

2.1.2 Market structure

2.1.3 China's MLCC market size

2.2 MLCC capabilities and competition

2.2.1 Top Ten MLCC Suppliers

2.2.2 Competitive landscape

2.2.3 Market Share

2.2.4 Production expansion plans of major suppliers

2.2.5 Product distribution of major suppliers

2.2.6 Existence of major suppliers

2.3 MLCC price

2.4 MLCC of consumer electronics

2.4.1 MLCC-5G for consumer electronics

2.4.2 MLCC-product iteration of consumer electronics

2.4.3 MLCC-wearable for consumer electronics

2.5 Industrial MLCC

2.5.1 Industrial MLCC-5G base station

2.5.2 Industrial MLCC-Internet of Things

3.1 MLCC of the vehicle

3.1.1 The demand trend of MLCC in automobiles

3.1.2 MLCC-ADAS for automotive

3.1.3 MLCC for automobiles-new energy vehicles

3.1.4 AEC-Q200

3.2 Market scale of automotive MLCC

3.3 Competitive landscape

3.3.1 Product Layout

3.3.2 Production expansion plan

3.3.3 Participation of Chinese manufacturers

4.1 Murata Electronics

4.2 Samsung Electromechanical

4.3 TDK

4.4 Kyocera



4.7 Huaxin Technology

4.8 Yageo

4.9 Sacred Stone

4.10 Fenghua Advanced Technology

4.11 Japan Chemical Industry Association

5.1 Sakai Chemical

5.2 Iron

5.3 Prosperity Dielectric Co., Ltd. (PDC)

5.4 Shandong Zhongci functional materials

5.5 Japan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

5.6 Shoes

5.7 Sumitomo Metal Industries

5.8 Shouwu

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Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and this trend is driven by social recognition, green awareness, and awareness of the defects of internal combustion engines. Electric vehicles (EV) solve some of these shortcomings. They bring lower emissions, less car pollution, and a commitment to high performance. For the time being, the main disadvantage is the high cost and relatively short range of current battery technology. Even so, many consumers still believe that the benefits outweigh the costs, and the sales of electric vehicles are increasing. China in particular has long been known for its pollution and smog problems, and the government is actively promoting electric vehicles as a possible improvement factor. In addition, electric vehicles are characterized by rapid acceleration and (usually) short-distance driving, making them ideal for China's crowded and growing urban centers. Jefferies analyst Alexious Lee pointed out in a comprehensive review of China’s electric vehicle industry: “As China advances the trend of “digital electrification”, we have a view on the prospects of China’s new energy vehicles. Full of constructiveness. And the joint ventures of global automakers are rapidly launching new energy-efficient vehicles (HEV and PHEV) in order to achieve the top-down goal to reduce annual company average fuel consumption (CAFC). Chinese automakers (both Both traditional companies and start-ups) are actively adopting BEVs quickly through the following methods: level, urban commuting mode, and advanced mode with superior positioning.” In this context, Mr. Li chose a worthy Chinese electric vehicle stock, and Investors should avoid buying two for now. We use the TipRanks database to find what other Wall Street analysts have to say about the prospects of these three. Li Auto (LI) Chinese electric vehicle company Li Auto prides itself on having the country's only best-selling electric vehicle model. In October last year, "Li ONE" (Li ONE) sold 3,700 units, and the total sales in the first year reached 22,000 units. Based on current sales and productivity, Mr. Li predicts that the company's annual sales will double this year. This is important in the world's largest electric vehicle market. Among all electric vehicles sold in the world, more than half are produced in China, almost all electric buses. Founded in 2015, Li Auto focuses on plug-in hybrid vehicles-models that can be plugged into charging stations to maintain batteries, and internal combustion engines that can compensate for low-density charging networks. Li ONE is a large-scale SUV hybrid vehicle that quickly gained popularity in the market. Li Auto will be listed on the Nasdaq in July 2020. In the initial public offering, the company opened with a stock price of $11.50 and closed up 40% on the first day. In the following months, LI has appreciated by 116%. These stocks rose as the company announced strong earnings. In the third quarter and 20th quarter of the third quarter report, LI's sales were 363 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 28% from the previous quarter and accounted for the largest share of the company's total revenue of 369.8 million U.S. dollars. Mr. Li also stated that free cash flow increased by 149% from the previous quarter to $110.4 million. Lee was impressed with Li Auto’s technology and pointed out: “Due to (1) extended range, (2) limited low temperature impact, and (3) more acceptance by car buyers, Li One’s EREV powertrain has proven to be very successful. This advantage It is sustainable. Before the cost of batteries in the 25th fiscal year (LFP) and the 27th fiscal year (NMC) are equalized, this makes the automaker LI AUTO become the first to turn OCF into a positive number and achieve profitability earlier than its peers. Automobile manufacturers." China has successfully commercialized Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREV), which is a solution to the anxiety of drivers and the high BOM of automakers. The ER system is powered by fuel. In addition to the battery pack, it also provides other power sources. In a low temperature environment, the BEV may lose up to 50% of the printing range, which is excellent. "Thinking of the company's technology as the main attraction for customers. Lee and investors both started investing in LI with a buy rating and a price target of $44.50. This figure means that there will be a 25% growth in the coming year (to see Lee’s track record, please click here) Wall Street has reached a broad agreement with Lee. LI stock has a strong buy consensus rating based on 6 comments, including 5 buys and 1 hold. The stock price is $35.60 and the average price target is $44.18 is consistent with Lee's, suggesting 24% upside in the next 12 months (see LI stock analysis on TipRanks) Nio (NIO) Li Auto has the best-selling electric car model in China, while competitors Nio and Elon Musk’s Tesla competes for the largest market share. In the Chinese electric car market. NIO’s market value is US$90 billion and is China’s largest domestic electric car manufacturer. The company has a rich product lineup, including lithium-ion battery SUVs and water-cooled electric vehicles. Sports cars. There are two cars and a minivan on the drawing board for future releases. At the same time, Nio's cars are very popular. The company reports that the number of car deliveries in 2020 is 43,728, which is two of the number in 2019. In the last five months of this year, car deliveries have increased for 5 consecutive months. In December, deliveries exceeded 7,000. Nio’s revenue has been growing steadily, and it will show in the second and third quarters of 2020 Significant year-on-year growth. In the third quarter, this ratio was 150%. In absolute terms, revenue in the third quarter reached $654 million. However, because the stock price rose by 1016% in the past 52 weeks, there was no further growth. The room for this-at least according to Jefferies' Lee. Analysts started reporting on NIO with a "hold" rating and a target stock price of $60. This figure implies a 3% upside. "We use the DCF method for NIO Valuation. In the DCF model, we considered solid sales growth, positive net profit in fiscal year 24 and positive FCF in fiscal year 23. We use a WACC of 8.1% and a final growth rate of 5% to achieve the target price of $60. In general, Nio maintains a "medium buy" rating under the consensus of analysts, and 13 comments are recorded, including 7 "buy" and 6 "hold." The price of NIO is 57.71. U.S. dollar, the recent stock price rise has brought the price slightly below the average price target of $57.79. (See Nio stock analysis on Tiponks) XPeng, Inc. (XPEV) XPeng, like Li, is at the mid-end price level of the Chinese electric vehicle market Another company. The company produces two models, the G3 SUV and the P7 sedan. Both are long-range EV models that can travel 500 to 700 kilometers on a single charge and have an advanced autopilot system that can help drivers Delivery of G3 started in December 2018; Peng went public in June 2020. In another comparison with Li Auto, XPeng also went public on the U.S. market in the summer of 2020. The stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on the last day of August Listed on the exchange with an issue price of US$23.10, the company raised US$1.5 billion in the IPO. Since the initial public offering, the stock has risen 127% and the company’s market value has reached US$37.4 billion. Sales growth is the reason for the increase in share. Xiaopeng Automotive reported that 8,578 vehicles were delivered in the third quarter of 2020, an increase of 265% over the same period last year. Most of these deliveries were P7 sedans-the model saw deliveries jump from 325 in the second quarter to 6,210 in the third quarter Strong sales brought the quarter’s revenue to 310 million US dollars, achieving a staggering 342% growth. Jefferies’ Lee believes that XPeng is a well-positioned company and it may have maximized its short-term growth. He wrote Said: "Xpeng Motors has very strong strength in technology-driven growth...Although we prefer its expertise in autonomous driving and energy consumption efficiency, our FY21 sales growth forecast of 120% is lower than market expectations. Our forecast of 129% for FY22 is even higher. Due to the slower acceptance of the market, competition in the 200-300,000 yuan market segment has intensified. To this end, Lee rated XPEV as a "hold" and showed its price target of $54.40 as a slight upside of about 4%. XPEV's recent gains put the price slightly above the average price target of $51.25. The The stock is currently priced at $52.46. This is a "medium buy" analyst consensus rating based on 8 comments, divided into 5 buys, 2 holds and 1 sell. (See TipRanks XPEV stock analysis on), to find a good idea for electric vehicle stocks that are traded at attractive valuations, please visit TipRanks’ “Best Buy Stocks”, a newly launched tool that can convert all TipRanks stocks Opinions are combined together. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of the analyst. The content is for reference only. It is very important to conduct your own analysis before making any investment.

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(Bloomberg)-A few hours after becoming president, Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, killing another cross-border project that was under the control of his Republican predecessor Donald Trump (Donald Trump) With support, a four-year reprieve was granted. According to people familiar with the matter, Biden revoked TC Energy Corp.'s pipeline permit on Wednesday. This move put Keystone's fate in trouble, repeating the decision made by President Barack Obama in 2015 to prevent the pipeline from crossing the border. Trump overturned this view during his fourth full-day inauguration in 2017 due to opposition from environmental groups. TCEnergy said it was "disappointed" and would suspend work on the project, resulting in the dismissal of thousands of workers. The Calgary company stated that the decision overturned “a comprehensive regulatory process that took more than a decade and was unprecedented and has repeatedly concluded that the pipeline will transport much-needed energy in an environmentally responsible manner.” TC Energy closed down 1.15% to The Toronto transaction price is 55.92 Canadian dollars. Environmentalists are counting on the recent rejection (more than a decade since the pipeline proposal was first proposed) to persist. They believe that the project will provide an export of Canadian heavy oil sands crude oil extracted from Alberta, Canada through a special energy-intensive process, thereby increasing its carbon footprint. "Immediately stop the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline once and for all. This will be an important first step and proof for the leadership that has long prevented the development of various grassroots movements and other harmful pipelines." Vice President Tiernan Sittenfeld said. The Chamber of Commerce was critical of the decision. "Marty Durbin, director of the Global Energy Institute of the Chamber of Commerce, said in a speech: "The pipeline is the most intensively studied infrastructure project in American history. It is already under construction and has eliminated countless laws. And environmental barriers. statement. "This is a politically motivated decision, not based on science." Biden promised to take action during the campaign, but his official move still aroused the leaders of the oil industry, some Canadian interest groups and unions that supported the project. anger. The government has chosen to listen to fringe activists instead of union members and American consumers on the first day. "The United Plumbers and Pipe Installers Federation stated in an email statement based on news reports before taking action. The construction of KeystoneXL has started last year and Alberta started with an investment of US$1.1 billion. TC Energy has been committed to To make the project more attractive to the Democratic government, it signed labor agreements with the four major pipeline unions in August last year and agreed to sell the project, including all parts that cross the US-Canada border. Keystone XL was first proposed since 2005 Since then, it has been a controversial lightning rod and a touchstone for environmentalism. The 1 mile (1,897 km) section is designed to transport oil from Alberta to Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Then connect with the existing crude oil transportation network to the Gulf Coast. The production line will transport up to 830,000 barrels of oil a day. Opponents say this will stimulate the development of oil sands and promote climate change. A few years ago, the controversial crude oil pipeline Proponents of Canada believe that more cheap heavy oil in Canada will help fuel producers cut off the supply of oil in the U.S. Gulf Coast, Venezuela or the conflict-prone Middle East, but the refineries in Texas and Louisiana become More and more flexible, they use more abundant light oil from shale gas fields. In addition, the price advantage of Canadian crude oil has been reduced. In ten years, the crude oil imported from Canada has almost doubled, with a steady inflow of 3.5 million per day Barrels and above, without Keystone XL. "For refineries, this is not a problem," said Robert Campbell, head of petroleum products research at Energy Aspects Ltd.. "They can be converted into household lighting. Sandy Fielden, the head of petroleum research at Morningstar Inc., said that the cancellation of Keystone in the short term will not affect the supply of Canadian oil because it plans to expand another production line and use the existing oil Phil Deng wrote in a statement: "At least for now, these are sufficient to meet local demand." "If anything, the abandonment of the Keystone XL system will be beneficial to US buyers because it will result in a spare supply in Canada, which will eventually Keep prices down and be more attractive.” Archives-Why the Keystone project is controversial: QuickTakeCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed disappointment in the pipeline decision: “Although we welcome the president’s commitment to climate change, we are disappointed ," Trudeau said in a statement. "I look forward to working with President Biden to reduce pollution, combat climate change, respond to COVID-19, create middle-class jobs, and better rebuild ourselves by supporting a sustainable economic recovery for all." Keystone XL is one of the few Biden clearly opposed an energy and mining project during the campaign. Environmentalists are encouraged by his actions in Keystone, and they have put pressure on him to revoke a key authorization to allow Energy Transfer LP's Dakota Access pipeline to continue to operate, and to challenge Enbridge Inc. It plans to take action to replace and expand its aging No. 3 pipeline from Alberta to Superior. Wisconsin, "This is exciting news," said Dallas Godtus, organizer of the Native Environmental Network. "What will you do with Line 3 and the Dakota Access pipeline now? We are very happy, but we want to know what will happen next." For more such articles, please visit Bloomberg.com. 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FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) will release its next round of earnings on January 21 (Thursday). For all relevant information, please refer to your Thursday fourth quarter earnings announcement guide. What are the earnings, net income and earnings per share? Earnings and earnings per share are useful indicators for measuring profitability. Total income is also called net income equal to total income minus total expenses. Dividing net income by the total return on shares outstanding will yield EPS. Earnings and revenue According to FuelCell Energy's management forecast, analysts forecast EPS of $0.04 and revenue of $17.05 million. In the same quarter last year, FuelCell Energy's loss per share was US$0.12 and revenue was US$11.04 million. What are the analysts’ expectations and earnings? Analysts covering the company will release forward-looking estimates of its revenue and earnings per share each quarter. Average each analyst's EPS and revenue forecasts for a company in a quarter to arrive at a "consensus estimate." The result of a company’s announced revenue or revenue higher or lower than the consensus estimate is called a "earning surprise" and may cause the stock to rise sharply. View more earnings Wall Street estimates on FCEL will represent the company's earnings growth of 66.67%. Revenue will increase 54.42% over the same period last year. Compared with past analyst estimates, this is how the company’s reported earnings per share are superimposed: the third quarter of 2020, the second quarter of 2020, the first quarter of 2020, the fourth quarter of 2020, the estimated earnings per share in 2020 -0.06 -0.07 -0.08 -0.11 Earnings per share actual -0.07 -0.07 -0.20 -0.12 Revenue estimates As of January 19, FuelCell Energy's stock trading price was $18.125. 1,605 M 15.55 M 14.55 M 14.91 M 11.51 M income actual income 18.73 M 18.88 M 16.26 M 11.04 M stock has risen 884.1% in the past 52 weeks. Considering that these returns are usually positive, long-term shareholders are likely to be satisfied with this earnings release. When commenting on the conference call, it was not surprising to see the stock change. FuelCell Energy plans to hold a conference call at 10:00:00 EST, which can be accessed here. View more information on Benzinga *Click here to view Benzinga's option trading *Understand FuelCell Energy's unusual option activity* 12 industrial stocks moved during Friday's intraday trading session (C) Benzinga.com in 2021. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.

After the weight loss technology company announced a merger with weight loss solutions company ReShape Lifesciences Inc., shares of Obalon Therapeutics Inc. rose six times in Wednesday afternoon trading. Obalon's stock rose by 503.4% to reach its highest closing price since June 2019, while trading volume soared to 395.4 million shares, with an average of approximately 626,000 shares throughout the day. The stock was the largest and most active stock on the major US exchanges on Wednesday. ReShape stock currently traded over the counter rose 155%. After the merger is completed, ReShape shareholders will own 51% of the combined entity, and the company will be renamed Reshape Lifesciences Inc. and will be traded on the Nasdaq under the stock code "RSLS". ReShape CEO Bart Bandy said: "We are very pleased to have this opportunity to add Obalon's FDA-approved Balloon System to ReShape's line of minimally invasive weight loss solutions, while also expanding our market reach." In the past three months , Obalon's stock price has soared by 922.5%, while ReShape's stock price has soared by 187.3%, while the S&P 500 stock price has risen by 12.0%.

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Jim Cramer said in CNBC's "Crazy Lightning Round" that he would rather buy Penn National Gaming, Inc (NASDAQ: PENN) and Draftkings Inc (NASDAQ: DKNG) than Fubotv Inc (NYSE: FUBO) . Dimension Ltd-ADR (NASDAQ: NNDM), because the stock price has risen by a big step. Cramer believes that Canopy Growth Corp (NASDAQ: CGC) is a way to hit the cannabis market. CIIG Merger Corp (NASDAQ: CIIC) is a pivotal move. Cramer said that this is a good specification. Cramer liked everything Michael Klein was involved in. But he thinks Churchill Capital Company IV (NYSE: CCIV) is speculative. QuantaServices Inc (New York Stock Exchange: PWR) has room for upside, Klay defaulted to. For more information on Benzinga *click here to view Benzinga's option trading* Tony Zhang sees more GM's advantage in that it excludes call option trading *Carter Worth and Mike Khouw's XLU Trade (C ) 2021 Benzinga.com. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.

This year, electric vehicle inventories have soared by 500%, 800% or even 1000%. But, legendary investor Whitney Tilson (Whitney Tilson) said that the biggest part of this story is coming.

Tesla Motors began delivering Model S to its customers in June 2012. This car changed the face of electric vehicles and helped Tesla become one of the most well-known brands and stocks. In June 2012, the retail price of the 300-mile battery life version of Tesla Model S was $77,400. If there were customers who chose to invest in Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) instead of physical cars, they would be related Link: Five things Elon Musk may not know about. On June 22, 2012, the opening price of Tesla stock was $6.796 after the stock split adjustment. An investment of $77,400 could have bought 11,389 Tesla shares, and holding these shares over the next eight years will enable customers to buy many Tesla cars. As of January, the value of these 11,389 Tesla shares was $9,409,136. 15. Many Tesla owners have also invested in the company. Over the years, investments in Tesla have made Tesla owners become millionaires. TSLA price action: Tesla shares closed up 2.23% to $844.55 on Tuesday. The picture comes from Tesla (Tesla). More deals from Ben Singa *Click here to view Ben Singa's option trades *Investors want the Chamath Palihapitiya ETF, they may soon get *Short seller Andrew Left against Lemon Shui expressed concern, saying the company lied to shareholders (C)2021.com. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.

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