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Current shunt resistors up to 10kA

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Riedon, California, announced a current-sensing shunt resistor with a current range of 1A to 10kA.

RCS, RSH, RSI, RSJ, RSL and RSN series precision shunt resistors have four-point Kelvin connection, which is as low as 5μΩ for 10,000A 50mV RSL-10000-50.

Copper-nickel-manganese-manganese alloys are used for temperature stability, with a standard tolerance of 0.25%, and some series offer options of 0.1%.

Other options include 50mV or 100mV output, and where applicable, the resistor is mounted on a Bakelite base.

"It is our in-house manufacturing and design capabilities that distinguish Riedon from most other suppliers. We can compete on price and delivery, while also supporting custom designs." said the vice president of Riedon, engineering engineer Phil Ebbert.

Parts can be obtained from Digi-Key.


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