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100µF 63V conductive polymer electrolytic capacitor in 10 x 12.5mm SMD case

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Panasonic will increase the case size of the ZS series of SMD conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitors.

The new case with a diameter of 10 mm is 12 mm instead of 16 mm high.

Panasonic Marketing Manager Yusuke Nagata said: "The reduction in the size of the ZS series will bring higher performance, while keeping the height of high-end PCB houses at a height of a few millimeters." "At 63V line level, The ZS series with a case size of 10×12.5 provides a 100µF capacitor, which is currently one of the highest capacitance values ​​of this type of capacitor. Due to the load dump requirements of the 48V battery system, it has attracted customers’ attention."

From the very limited information I can find online, these parts include?

The information is from

, And may have introduced an error.

The ESR of the 63V100μF device is 19mΩ, and the maximum ripple current at 100kHz 125°C is 3A-operating from -55°C to +125°C.

Under rated voltage (after working for 2 minutes), the maximum leakage current is 63μA. The maximum Tanδ is 0.08 at 120 Hz.


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