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There are many excellent applications that will not appear here. However, we have some widgets at the top and bottom of the article, which include an excellent selection of calculators, note-taking applications, office applications, and other tools that may be useful. 

Free (with ads)

Basic electrical engineering is a simple application with simple premises. It displays various basic electrical engineering information for quick reference. Some examples include Kirchoff's laws of voltage and current, lists of conductors and insulators, RMS values ​​of AC waveforms, etc. The user interface is a basic material design, with a good search function in case you need to quickly refer to something. You may know all of this knowledge in college, but if you need it, you can collect it for quick reference and it is effortless, and the knowledge can work offline.

Free/ $1.49

The electrical engineering dictionary is a glossary full of electrical engineering terms. The application has 3,600 words and a series of formulas, equations, etc. It also has calculators for various conversions and other such things. These functions may be very helpful to actual engineers and professionals. However, this also provides students with a set of learning tools, including quizzes. Some other features include the ability to save frequently used terms, a quick reference guide, and if the app lacks information, you can help.

Free/ $2.99

The electronic toolkit allows you to check many different things related to electrical engineering. It has a variety of reference materials, including resistor color codes, SMD resistor codes, LED resistor codes, voltage divider calculators, unit converters and other useful tools. There are many similar apps in the Play Store. However, we like this tool because it is clean, easy to use, and there are not many steps between you and your work. The premium version is also quite cheap.

Free/ $3.49

HiPER is a reliable and good scientific calculator. We know that engineers have a lot of tools, such as MATLAB and so on. However, it is good to have a calculator around to perform calculations and measurements quickly. HiPER is the best in its class and has many functions. Some of them include effective digits not exceeding 100 digits and exponents not exceeding 9 digits. In addition, it can be converted between 250 units and contains more than 90 constants, which can be used quickly. The premium version is also very cheap.

Free/$1.99-$3.99 each

IODEMA Srl is a developer on Google Play and has some good electrical engineering applications. ElectroDroid is the first (and possibly more popular) application. It works almost the same as the above electronic toolkit. You will get a variety of engineering-oriented tools and guides for quick reference and calculations. Such a wealth of information is great, and it will undoubtedly replace many of your existing books and manuals. The developer also has two database applications, one for PICmicro and one for ATmicro (if needed).

Free/monthly $6.99-$9.99/one-time $149.99

Many engineers use spreadsheets for various things. You may have been tracking the wear of your machine or how many circuits you soldered in a day. In either case, Microsoft Excel, Office and OneDrive are the best in the industry. You can customize Excel according to your needs, the platform is actually very powerful. Of course, if Microsoft's options don't work for you, then Google Drive is also great. Many people use Microsoft Office on their work computers, and you can also use mobile applications to continue the work on your phone.

Free (including ads) / 1.99 USD

Mobile Electrician is another reference guide app, but this app is quite large. You will get commonly used materials such as Ohm's Law, as well as materials for various resistors and capacitors. However, the calculator also includes a variety of calculators, even calculators for wire sizes and the like. The user interface is older than most user interfaces and therefore cannot benefit from the updated Android application design features. However, the information seems to be good, and the calculator seems to be working properly. The free version has some very annoying ads, but it is good.


For professional engineers, PartSeeker may be more suitable for professionals. It can help you find various electronic parts. You only need to search for a component and the app will link to an online store where you can buy it online. This is basically all the work of the application, it is like a kind of directory. Of course, you can definitely use Google to search, but this eliminates a lot of trouble, especially when you need specific components with specific specifications. The value of this product definitely exceeds its price of $1.99.

Free/$3.99 per month/$29.99 per year

Reddit is an above average application for electrical engineers. There are many sub-items, including


, And several others. You can seek advice here, give some breath, give advice to others, and keep a sharp mind. Once you get used to the UI, Reddit is simple enough to use, it is a place to connect with thousands of other engineers. There are more than ten different options. Reddit can be used with ads for free. You can delete ads and get other features through subscription, but this is not required. 

Free/$12.99 per month

YouTube is useful in many ways. Engineering is one of them. You can find videos, tutorial videos, instruction videos and reference videos about your field. Additionally, if you do something and want to remember how you do it, you can upload a video and make it private. YouTube is famous for its content. However, free video cloud storage is also a good choice. There are ads on YouTube, but you can delete them along with the subscription price as needed. The subscription service also allows offline downloads.

If we missed any great electrical engineering applications, please let us know about them in the comments! you can


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